The deontological code of the Tarot Reader


The policies promoted by the Academy for the full transparency of the Tarot reader’s professional activity (hereinafter referred to as Tarologist) can be summarized in the following Decalogue:

1) The tarologist is who, after studying the Tarot’s language with a qualified and competent instructor, is dedicated to their use with the purpose of helping others.

2) The tarologist respects, and helps to enforce, the rules of the code of ethics qualifying its own professionalism.

3) The tarologist offers the message that Tarot itself suggests and does not give a personal interpretation.

4) The tarologist offers advices and solutions making himself a simple translator of the codified message stored in the symbols of Tarot.

5) The tarologist helps the consultant to decide consciously, without predicting the future. The analysis is conducted for the understanding of the past and the present, unique ways to the future.

6) The tarologist never imposes: his goal is to protect, always, the freedom of choice of the consultant.

7) The tarologist avoids, always and under any circumstances, the topic “medicine and health.”

8) The tarologist is a confidant with the obligation of discretion, silence and secrecy.

9) The tarologist is humble and right: his purpose is not to highlight himself but to serve others.

10) The tarologist contributes to the cultural and social spreading of the Tarot’s message, preserving it in its entirety.