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Major Arcana I

The Tarot is, without uncertainty, an exact science.

The Tarot is a real language consisting of a grammar and a vocabulary. Knowledge of their code structure enables their scientific use, according to precise laws that make direct contact with one’s soul possible.

The purpose of the Academy is to transmit an objective reading technique that everyone can learn.

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Get to know the Academy and our idea of tarology

the extraordinary opportunity of the language of Tarot

What is Tarology?

For many, reading the Tarot means predicting the future; for a tarologist, it means leafing through the great book of consciousness and penetrating the mystery of the soul.

And it is the contact with this dimension that I would like you to experience as well.

Carlo Bozzelli
Founder of the Academy of Tarot
and author of numerous publications

Why study the Tarot?

There are many ways to use the Tarot. For some it is likea book, an oracle that offers answers to doubts and questions. For others it is likea map that provides directions to orient themselves within the dynamics of their existence. Or it is a companion that stimulates imagination, intuition and creativity. For still others it is a guide that leads along the search for contact with the Self.

Regardless of what you believe it may represent to you, the Tarot will undoubtedly be a unique and unrepeatable experience. These images, in fact, will lead you into a journey of rediscovery of the your personal genius and their full understanding will open the door to a powerful process of transformation that will profoundly change you and your life.

Solvitur ambulando, the ancients used to say, meaning through walking everything is resolved. Therefore, all you have to do is walk, keep walking in the direction of yourself, the only place where you will find, always, every answer.
Bon voyage, dear Pilgrim!

Carlo Bozzelli

Study plan

The Academy's training is structured into 3 levels


Major Arcana

4 modules
total 50 hours

course open to all


Minor Arcana

2 modules
total 28 hours



Advanced Courses

4 modules
total 56 hours


Three diplomas,
one path

Progressively learn a unique and patented method
Three different levels of Diploma

To whom are they
aimed at?

To anyone in search of meaning
deepest depths of one's existence.

Do you want to learn more?

The Tarot is a guide that expands perspective on life
and awakens an awareness of who you really are.

In classroom and online

You can choose to take all of our courses in the classroom or online on our video training platform.

You always choose where, how and when.

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Major Arcana I

"The Tarot has been an extraordinary opportunity for me to discover my most intimate and authentic voice,
the voice of a quiet and silent presence.
And it is this possibility that I would like to offer you as well."

Carlo Bozzelli

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What our students think

I have been following the Tarot of Marseille courses held by Carlo for 1 year and a half now and I can say with certainty that they are one of the most involving experiences of my life.
It is unusual to be accompanied by Arcana; it is like living in a permanent destabilization that goes toward its own intrinsic composition. Tarot puts blood back into circulation after oxygenating it
The Academy courses have been a journey full of surprises and revealed secrets. Step by step I have discovered new tools to always carry with me.
In a fun atmosphere with a strong sense of teamwork, we addressed and analysed extremely intense and profound topics. Each time I leave enriched in my soul as well as in the technical competence of this tool.

The first patent on Tarot card reading

What does it mean that the method is patented?

It means going to the Patent Office to go through a long, complex and time-consuming procedure in order to receive approval by the European Commission. Many years ago, armed with courage and confidence, after countless attempts to try to translate a symbolic language into a mathematical language, we were able to come up with a algorithmic flowchart describing the Tarot reading based on the Laws taught in the Academy’s seminars.

In this way, we obtained the world’s first and only patent based on two-dimensional encoded map generation,” that is, based on Tarot icons and their operating model. This is why our Method is so effective: it translates age-old symbols into a scientific language that gives voice to the soul. And at the same time, all this protects the authenticity of what is learned in our courses!

Carlo Bozzelli