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Below we present the personal evaluations of the Academy's seminar participants. The topic of Tarot, due to years of degeneration and incorrect use, often creates justified scepticism. We sincerely thank all those who left a reflection because they contribute to restoring dignity and transparency to this wonderful metaphysical machine called Tarot.

“I have been following the Tarot de Marseille courses held by Carlo for a year and a half now and I can say with certainty that they are one of the most absorbing experiences of my life; it is perhaps the first time that something has excited me so much even after such a long time. Every time I return to the Academy’s seminars, I am filled with this fantastic Divine Energy that still accompanies me for days on despite the return to the daily routine, often so unromantic. The Tarot is now an indissoluble and irreplaceable presence in my life; it’s a wise advisor, faithful companion who will always accompany me along this fantastic journey…Carlo is the best conceivable messenger for a message as high as that of the Tarot; with his sweet and loving energy he transmits teachings that come to him from another dimension with an attention and enthusiasm that conquer the heart. Sara, with her warm dedication and grace so divine, is the perfect helper in such a special duty…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart. See you soon.”

Francesca, Milan

“It is unusual to accompany Arcana, it is like living in a permanent destabilisation that goes towards its intrinsic composition. The Tarot puts the blood back into circulation after oxygenating it, pigments it with experience towards itself and pontificates towards the other. Inevitable not to meet it when spirituality seeks the missing breath, when in the abyss one thinks that night will be in the abyss again. Yet the riskiness goes hand in hand with the fatigue of being, and this polaroid that is Tarot, made up of images that follow one another and illustrate the action of the moment and the cardio-reflections of action, manifests itself as an incision on the skin that induces a sense of existence and makes the archaeological feeling of the ancestors signify itself. With the Tarot, one illuminates the Lascaux Caves and is at once wildebeest and ithyphallic man, a mystery that belongs to us and that we delineate with the knowledge that fire casts necessary shadows on the cave walls. A language for all that silently demands dedication and devotion to the relics produced in order to understand them and ascend towards generative paintings of new. Contemplation to be shared in the common cup; the embodiment of the Pilgrim who makes himself World by throwing dice, hatching books, weighing constricting blades, turning cranks with ancestral rusts. One can come out naked and dancing in the sacred. My floral gratAces to Carlo and Sara.

Morena, Rome

“Following the course on the Major Arcana was an intense and involving experience even for someone like me who always tries to keep my distance from anything… I clearly perceived the depth, power and multifaceted vastness of the Tarot and its symbols, and I realised how much I still have to study and apply myself before I arrive at a slightly deeper understanding of this tool, both from a doctrinal and a practical reading point of view. To have realised that one still understands almost nothing about the Tarot might perhaps seem a rather minimal result, at the end of a course that has lasted almost a year… but I am convinced that it is a fundamental point of arrival (and departure), an excellent result that is entirely due to Carlo and Sara and their ability to transmit enthusiasm and knowledge. For this I thank them very much… “

Maurizio, Rome

From the very first meeting, the Tarot left a deeper and deeper mark: I perceived that I was entering a world, dare I say it, a sacred world and another reality, different from the ordinary one… I felt them as a guide capable of enlightening me and opening me up to other possibilities on the path of existence. Thanks to Carlo and Sara.

Maria Victoria, Rome

One can approach the Tarot in different ways. For almost everyone at the beginning, it is normal to have an ‘oracle consultation’ approach. We are constantly faced with choices, we often doubt, and it is a strong temptation to think that someone can provide us with an answer, the right answer, following which we can avoid mistakes and bad investments. If, on the other hand, one decides to embark on a path of growth through the Tarot, it becomes a formidable transformative factor. Every choice, in fact, is an exploration of a direction. Any exploration can be right, if the person who chooses is “whole.” But how can you always be whole? Exactly this is the path. From the experience I have been able to gain, and which has yet to evolve into stages of greater awareness, the Tarot, through the cards, i.e. through symbols, colours, characters and positions, takes a snapshot of the Consultant’s current situation. Every choice, in fact, starts from a positioning along our evolutionary path. There are, in my opinion, ‘low’ choices and ‘higher’ choices, and the questions we ask reflect our positioning. The Tarot also gives indications of the development of the situation with respect to the question, framing the characters, the emotional climate and, in an extremely generous way, giving warnings or even alarming about possible dangers (dangers to our integrity). But the Tarot’s greatest strength is its capacity for ‘blessing’: when the Angel of Temperance comes out of the cards, I cannot help but be moved by the sense of ‘protection’ that this card communicates to me… Finally, the Tarot is also a school, because it teaches one to stand in front of icons, and therefore also in front of situations, with greater purity. Knowing that the Tarot is “sacred,” one learns over time to address it not with a bulimic need for ready answers but with extreme respect for its power, and our power, for the humble act of asking…

Cinzia, Florence

“Carlo Bozzelli, through his lectures, succeeds in no easy task: explaining the Inexplicable. To do so, he walks the tightrope of different registers. Carlo is the professor of a rigorous subject who explains with method and reasoning, and at the same time he is a shaman capable of evoking the Tarot and activating in others faith in intuition; he makes us all capable of listening and recognising the power of the symbol. First in the Tarot deck and then outside it, in the world. Bozzelli’s courses are erudite and intense but, more importantly, transformative. Yes, attending the Tarot Academy is a life-changing experience!”

Fabia & Fulvio, Rome

“Dear Carlo and Sara, as far as I am concerned, my experience with the Academy and with you has been more than positive: for the thoroughness, competence and courtesy, both live and online. I felt very comfortable and at ease, despite the subject matter being anything but simple and despite having no previous experience. Thank you! See you soon and a hug.”

Gianpaolo, Sanremo

“I am a doctor used to giving everything around me a rational meaning. When I signed up for the course, I did so to accompany a close friend of mine. The result was an incredible journey in which the cards speak to you with such exactitude that you can have no doubts. I thank my friend again… “

Maura, Rome

“I am a doctor, I learned by chance from a newspaper advertisement about the workshop in nearby Sanremo and so I decided, together with my wife Simonetta, to participate. I was sceptical and knew nothing about Tarot, but I never let myself be influenced by prejudices. I followed an Alchemy master years ago and with a group of friends we used to go to Tuscany as far as Barberino del Mugello to listen to his lectures and I remember that something had emerged about the Tarot of Marseille; so I was curious to delve into the subject and curious to see if there were people prepared to explain them. Not only did I find the answer to my questions and curiosities, but I found in Carlo and Sara wonderful people who transmit all the energy of a universal message that is a tool for knowledge and awareness. This is an experience and a path that everyone should take in life. We should all be a little tarologist, it would help us to better understand the whole universe and above all ourselves. “

Carlo e Simonetta, Albenga

“Meeting Carlo, Sara and the Academy two years ago was an event that radically changed my existence. Entering the world of the Tarot meant becoming aware of my Soul, a precious seed that was waiting to be planted. Attending courses and starting to practise readings is the gardener’s care and natural fertiliser for the seedling that slowly peeps out. The feeling I have every time I approach this marvel is that I have found a garment in which I feel perfectly at ease, a Star to follow, a totally just way of putting myself at the service of those in need. The Academy courses are an opportunity – and I can never thank the Universe enough, which brought it to me.”

Ilaria, Florence

“I have completed, with great pleasure, the course of the Major Arcana. Until now, every inner path I have taken has been partly hindered by my innate rationality, which prevents me from ‘trusting’ what I cannot fully comprehend. Then I met the Tarot. It was the BRIDGE that suddenly appeared on my path. A bridge made of trust in the mysterious and ‘arcane’ instrument, but also of clear and rational understanding of the eternal language of symbols, through which the Tarot speaks to us. I enthusiastically crossed this BRIDGE and a new world presented itself. Thank you Carlo, thank you Sara, thank you Tarot.”

Piera, Bologna

“I attended the Academy’s basic courses with pleasure, for the welcoming and serene atmosphere, the professionalism shown and the valuable information received. I had been reading the Tarot for some time, following my own ‘intuitive’ method… and I immediately experimented myself with some readings after completing the basic training. The consultants, friends and acquaintances, or perfect strangers, who arrived at the suggestion of friends, felt after the reading that they had been counselled, helped to face situations that were not easy, to express needs or emotions more easily, in the light and detached presence of a competent person. I actually felt happily ‘light’ and safe reading even with acquaintances, little influenced by what I already knew about them…I hope to be of help, with my experience, also to those who want to embark on this fascinating ‘journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a hug. “

Marta, Bergamo

“For those unfamiliar with this world or who view it with a certain scepticism, as is often the case with most new proposals, you can rest assured that we are not talking about fortune-telling or other such disciplines. What Carlo and Sara try to pass on to as many people as possible with so much effort, sacrifice and trust is a discipline that I would personally call a real World. The passion and intellectual sincerity that envelops Carlo as he explains and the serenity, almost blissfulness, that surrounds Sara, make it clear that this is not a strange or fanciful matter but a tangible reality that each of us, with some sacrifice and trust, can experience. Entire books could be written to try to get the message across to as many people as possible, but I don’t think it would do any good for those who are not willing to come out of their shells; and think that the beauty lies in this, because right from the first meeting one can understand what the Tarot is all about (and then, possibly, go into the subject in greater depth). For those who wish to contact me: di.pass@libero.it “

Diego, Padua

“When I started the course on the Major Arcana, it was not a good time in my life; the subject and the human warmth of Sara and Carlo have enriched me; their seriousness and reliability remove any possible doubts on the seemingly ‘strange’ subject. I have continued and will continue to take courses and enjoy finding the meanings and images of the Tarot in many readings seemingly distant from that ‘world’. Let me give an example, if I may: I ‘found’ the ‘Maison Dieu’ card in a book of interviews with Carl G. Jung. Here is the passage: ‘Jung once tried to make me understand that we should not feel guilty about events beyond our control. ‘They are like acts of God,’ he said. “Consider them in the same way as a building struck by lightning; that too is an act of God”(…). (from “Jung speaks,” ed. Adelphi, 1995, Milan, p. 210). See you soon’

Francesca, Lucca

“Attending the Tarot Academy I discovered in the Tarot a fantastic tool for introspection, an aid, an advice to get inside myself and realign external events to my deepest feelings. What surprised and interested me was the didactic structure and the almost scientific precision in learning a language that was new to me. With the Method that is taught, it is easy to get a precise reading: right from the start, the results are surprising. Initially I experienced it for myself and now I am practising with readings even to sceptical people who, some time after the consultation, confirm to me that they have received help or an unlocking thanks to the reading itself.”

Valeria, Lecco

“A comment can certainly help the sceptics to take a less superficial and snobbish approach to these cards. Perhaps the right way is to make it clear that tarot images are sacred, like those of saints. For this, they deserve the utmost respect. Many people become convinced of the validity of tarot cards only after you have shown them the extent to which they can see your life to give you the right advice. This is the task of us tarologists, even novices like me: not to err in interpretation by falling into the subjective but to try to apply the rules that lead to an objective reading. Greetings to all.

Cesare, Bologna

‘Tarology…? A new approach, a journey into my soul, where every step was fascinating and pieces of awareness magically emerged! Thank you Carlo! For me you have been a teacher and today a very special Friend!

Andreana, Bologna

“I approached this course because I had always been intrigued by the meaning of the symbols proposed in the Tarot, a bit like a picture puzzle book where you could play at finding references to this or that, which I never found in the various material that came my way where the meanings of the various cards were listed a bit like things to buy on a shopping note, never explaining why, which was the thing that interested me the most. In this course I found what I was looking for, as for each card the link between the image and its various meanings was illustrated with logical and linear reasoning and references that, in my own small way, I was able to find. This led me to discover that each Tarot card has numerous meanings and carries within it many references, many more than the apparent simplicity of the stroke used to draw them might suggest. The reading part, for me, had a secondary fascination compared to the study of symbols, but the method of reading that was hinted at intrigued me but at the same time left me somewhat sceptical. Initial scepticism, however, soon gave way to evidence as, during the didactic readings, I saw patterns of cards unfold before my eyes. These patterns reproduced the stories that the consultant spontaneously told, but especially when, at my first reading after the end of the workshop, I found in the opening cards the characters proposed by the consultant’s story, reported with their characteristic traits that could only be a picture of them.

Nello, Naples

“I attended and concluded with great commitment the four Tarot learning workshops conducted by Carlo Bozzelli. After about a year, Carlo gave us the licence to ‘do damage’ by reading the Arcana to friends and acquaintances. My first reading, almost as a joke, prompted me to tell the friend who asked me his question what the cards suggested and which I translated as from another language. We laughed to his question whether it was right to cultivate a relationship with a recently met woman. I told him that there was no relational possibility in sight. Not even a day had passed and I received a call from my friend telling me that I was absolutely right because he had heard from reliable sources that he had no chance. What can I say? You can’t even play with Tarot! It is so true, so simple, so immediate and so timely as to induce awe and wonder. Carlo always told us that in order to understand their language, one must return to the innocence of children. The Tarot is objective and only our egoic, or selfish, personality prevents us from listening to it and understanding it in its simplicity and truth. What a lesson!! What a great catharsis! What a transformation the Tarot imposes on anyone who wishes to study, interpret and know it. Carlo told us, right from the start, not to be in a hurry, to “hasten slowly” into this infinite Universe of the Tarot because in order to understand its Wisdom, it is necessary to prepare oneself and clean oneself of the heavy and cumbersome armour of “Personality” that prevents the Soul from understanding their simplicity and expressing itself in the same way. I am grateful to him, I thank him for the precious gift and especially for introducing me to this old and eternal child that is the Tarot. I only hope I am worthy of your eternal friendship.

Antonio, Rome

“Dear Sara and Carlo, through you I am learning about the secret and wonderful world of Tarot reading…I had no idea they were so fascinating, I am happy to have met you. Thank you and a hug! See you soon.”

Paola, Rome

“My meeting with the Tarot was ‘predestined’ as the last available seat for April’s Major Arcana 1 course only became free the day before it started. I arrived at the course with the instinctive certainty that this would be the right approach to the marvellous world of the Tarot, which Carlo taught us to look at with the respectful eyes of a child, without however neglecting the history and part of the more complex and archetypal symbolism. But the most beautiful thing that this course has left me with is the memory of an experience shared with a group of hitherto unknown people, who decided to strip away their prejudices to read/read their souls through a new and objective key. Thanks again to Carlo whose prompt and effective dialectic made our journey easier.”

Valentina and little Viola who followed the course from intrauterine life, Rome

“Dear friends, I really need to thank you for the Tarot course, which I started only by chance and curiosity, and which has opened up a parallel view of things in my soul. It is as if everything had more depth and my gaze embraced a wider and even more colourful horizon. First of all, finding such a humble and patient teacher is truly a rarity. Usually those who teach assume that they know more than the apprentice and they make a big deal out of this assumption. Whereas Carlo, like the Star, bows with affection towards our hunger for knowledge without judging us, indeed teaching us precisely this: not to judge ourselves nor others but to measure everything with Love. The Tarot for me today is the beginning of a journey of Love that I hope will lead me to improve myself and help others to do the same. I must say that I also had a lot of fun: both on a cultural and human level. The group in which I participated united around Carlo and Sara and continued undaunted with almost no defections until the end. We laughed, we were moved, we were amazed. Sara’s presence, full of grace, comforted us in moments of fatigue: seeing you together fills our hearts with smiles. So thank you to the teacher. And thanks also to the Tarot, which accompanies me every day in my reflections and which I hope to use each time with more and more insight and introspection.”

Bruna, Rome

“I started the Tarot courses in February 2010 and I have to say that they represented for me the beginning of a phase of inner healing, a spiritual journey that I am still doing within myself through the images of the Arcana. I enrolled almost by chance, through the site, knowing only Jodorowsky’s fame, but the teacher’s preparation, friendliness and helpfulness immediately drew me in and opened the doors to the world of tarology. If anyone would like to contact me for further information, my e-mail address is: lauraluccoborlera@yahoo.it.

Laura, Turin

“A wonderful path that opens the doors of one’s soul and at the same time a magnificent energy whose primary purpose is not the prediction of the future but one’s own growth and loving help to others. To contact me: eric.ciman@alice.it. “

Eric, Verona

“I am very demanding when looking for a seminar: this is the age of vanity, incompetence and approximation. I loved the Tarot Academy courses for several reasons. For the absence of crowds: small groups of just a few people attend. This allows for a streamlined interaction with the teacher and the other students. Each participant has the opportunity to intervene and clarify his or her doubts, if any. Tarot is approached with intimacy and politeness. For the great effectiveness of the method and teaching: I have always preferred teachers who are able to focus their attention on the content, who can resist the hedonistic temptation to show off by exhibiting their biceps. Knowing how to step aside is a very rare quality, as is the ability to lead a group and to create an affable atmosphere that properly seals the learning process. For value for money: regularly bringing home a salary is a great privilege these days. The concept of excellence, in my view, also passes through that of fair price. It is for all these things, and for the love of Tarot shared with other students and the teacher, that I am a student of this Academy.”

Giovanni, Venice

“Training course of real depth capable of lifting the veil on the authentic knowledge of the Tarot. The lessons, always conducted with seriousness and courtesy, offer not only the faculty of using a wise and sacred tool, but also a cultural enrichment and the stimulus to a more attentive inner research.”

Barbara, Rome

“I arrived at the Tarot Academy ‘by chance’ and to tell the truth even a little hesitant and sceptical. I consoled myself with the idea that at most I would learn some strange esoteric symbol. Yet after only six months and these premises, today I never leave home without a pack of cards in my pocket. And even if I have not attended dozens of courses around the world or read mountains of books on the subject, when I met Carlo and Sara I immediately realised that there was no need to look elsewhere. One knows when life has led him to a pure Source. How? One immediately feels satiated, happy and immensely grateful. As if the ocean were trying to enter a glass.. And you feel like laughing… like crying… Frankly, for me, there is no better place where you can learn the great message of the Tarot, even if you think it is not there… where you can listen to its advice, even if you think you don’t need it… where you can be embraced by its Love, even if you imagine that the cards cannot be such a powerful vehicle… where you can be guided by its wisdom, even if you cannot imagine how boundless it is…”

Davide, Pisa

“After the first Tarot reading with Carlo I had the feeling that someone had opened a window and clean air had come in. So I started attending courses and embarked on this extraordinary path that gives me an ever-increasing awareness and supports me energetically in my daily life. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for… “

Elena, Bergamo

“The encounter with the Tarot was magical, I was in serious difficulty over a decision to be made and didn’t know what to do. One day I met Carlo by chance and had my Tarot read. From that moment on, I felt that my life was being flooded with an incredible beneficial energy that could not only help me but also help others. That is how I began this wonderful path of studying Tarot, which not only allows me to progress spiritually but also supports me to fulfil the deepest desire of my soul, to help others through this tool. I advise everyone, even the most sceptical, to follow these courses, whose scientific connotation makes the teaching impeccable and marked by extraordinary logic and objectivity.”

Barbara, Bergamo

“I would like to give my testimony on Carlo Bozzelli’s tarology courses. I have found great professionalism, experience and a seriousness that has something of the unadulterated honesty that some people of the past had. This is due to the person of Carlo and that of his partner, Sara. You learn the teaching of a true method to understand the reading of the Tarot cards that contain, read and explain every question, no matter how big or small, regarding all facets of our lives. Carlo has this knowledge and teaches it to you without keeping anything for himself. His goal is for you to understand as much as possible. All this is done with great humility. In reality it is or can be, depending on how each of us wants to take it, a spiritual and esoteric path, perhaps the most esoteric and complete one I know. The atmosphere that one breathes and that I have breathed on the courses is serene, there is a great openness that predisposes one to dialogue. At the end of the courses, whose fees are very honest, you have in your hands an incredible tool to understand yourself, understand others if you wish, and above all to have concrete answers to our questions and problems. On Carlo’s part there is an assistance that goes beyond the courses precisely because of his great nature as a teacher. I still thank him for what he taught me and for the help he and Sara continue to give me.”

Teresa, Parma

“There is always the contribution of chance, to make time more precious.” I happened to write this sentence in a book I gave to my wife “another man ago”. In fact, on the occasion of an anniversary, I wanted to make her a present, but did not know how to orientate myself. As time ran out, I was on a trip to Rome and during an evening stroll, I was struck by the window of an antique shop: on a precious inlaid table sat a book, of cooking recipes, in English. My wife at that time was taking a cookery course and trying to keep her English language skills sharp (perhaps so as not to disfigure herself too much with her relatives living in London). At the time, I did not know that that ‘chance’ is a phenomenon of synchronicity, as I was to discover much later, thanks to my path with the Tarot. I believe that the encounter with the Tarot itself can be traced back to the same phenomenon. In fact, I went through various new cognitive investigations to satisfy my eagerness to ‘grow up’, to realise even that man that work could not give me. Many readings oriented towards the awakening of the spirit, from Eastern philosophy to Sufism and magic. After a couple of birthdays, when old friends no longer knew what books to give, Jodorowsky came into my hands. Having seen all his films (I found some editions with his commentary), was like taking a medicine; having read his eccentric stories, a pleasant pastime; discovering the Tarot de Marseille, set me on a path that would change my life, I think not only mine. I presented myself at the first Minor Arcana course with all the prejudices of the ignorant. However, I arrived at the two-day finish line, savouring again the sensations of the finish line of my first marathon: tired but amazed to have found a route that would temper, in this case not the body, but the spirit. Thanks to the didactic path provided by Carlo, I discovered a metaphysical machine that synthesises the interests I have been cultivating for some time, particularly with the possibility of finalising ‘the treasure’: my growth can be useful to others! I think it is the best flower I have cultivated to date, since I have renounced the experience of fatherhood, which I feel is comparable to what I am experiencing. Fortunately, I have great imperfections to work on (‘whu do you want to be perfect, you may want to die?’, Carlo reminds us in his programme), but the enormous discovery of being able to work and live in the everyday and balance the four energy planes I owe to the Tarot. After plumbing the jungle of energetic knowledge as a self-taught student, the school of Tarot took me by the hand, showing me a very clear and not at all dispersive path. I think I will have to constantly honour “my case” for this.

Aurilio, Piacenza

“My passion for the Tarot has led me down various paths and training routes. At the beginning, naively, I believed that one Tarot deck was worth the other and that is how, by chance, I started using the Waite Tarot. I attended a few seminars, I used them, I also had satisfaction, but over time I perceived that there was something incomplete in their structure, that much relied on the intuitive abilities of the fortune teller. And so it was that my search for something more sophisticated and magical led me to approach the Tarot de Marseille and Carlo Bozzelli. I immediately realised that a new, important road was about to open up. It was not easy, I admit, the notions were many, the variables even more so. This fascinating and mysterious universe seemed difficult for me to conquer. However, Carlo, with his professionalism, simplicity and humanity, took us by the hand, step by step, and now, less than a year after the first seminar, I use the Tarot de Marseille with joy and almost with ease. But the most beautiful thing about this spiritual path is the change they bring about in our lives. The Tarot allows you to embark on a wonderful journey, in search of ourselves and love for others.”

Angela, Pistoia

“I would like to suggest to those who are looking at this site and to those who feel guilty for having made this click victim of old and insane prejudices of low rank, to consider themselves lucky to have arrived here and to have been kissed by a special good fortune to have at this point the opportunity to participate in one of these fantastic courses that, at the age of 50, help you to awaken your slumbering and no longer fitness-trained mind and perhaps, for the more serious cases, to understand many things that were sleeping inside us, also thanks to these wonderful meetings between special people (who still want to know and learn, to better understand themselves first and then help others). If this stimulates you, my most sincere advice is to start attending Carlo Bozzelli’s courses and let yourself go completely into his arms as if you were having a relaxing and beneficial massage… only that the beneficiary of this treatment will not be your body but your mind, which many of us neglect, because we always think first of the physical and external part while what saves you and makes you live well is the most noble part…. we are waiting for you among us to discover what it is…”

Massimo, Bologna

“My feedback… five stars! If you feel drawn to the Tarot, this course/path to reading the Symbols contained in the Arcana is so powerful that it will make you abandon any previously used deck…The price? When I think of the money I have spent on other Tarot courses…. there is no comparison, this workshop worths them all! Sincerely,

Gabriele, Bologna

“For all those who thirst for knowledge, the beginning of the study of tarology is indicated. With the support of an adequate teaching, the level of knowledge regarding this subject (it is a science) expands considerably, until one realises how much it can be of considerable help in raising one’s level of self-knowledge and evolution. The Tarot is a figurative book; it is remarkably interesting to observe the icons of the arcana, finding their analogies and differences. One will eventually come to understand the incredible vastness of the subject and how stimulating it is to research and learn.”

Bruno, Lucca

“Nothing happens by chance. I came to this school by destiny and instinct, having grown up on bread and tarot cards from a mother who had always used this tool. I did not even believe there could be a school in Italy, so, lacking teaching, I slipped self-taught among many books, in particular on Jodorowsky’s book “The Way of the Tarot”, finding it marvellous. Life, unpredictable as ever, took my mother away from me prematurely and a few months after her passing, I was looking for an anchor to cling to. Only with time and the study of Tarot I understood how Arcane XIII works. Nothing happens by chance and I received an email from the school informing me that the first course on the Major Arcana would start in Bologna. I phoned and my presence made the difference on the quorum of participants allowing the course to start. The experience of the first day is still etched in me, strong, as if it were today, even though two years have passed. Now, as then, with each new course I feel the same enthusiasm. Nothing happens by chance and at the moment when I was searching for the ‘Way’, the Tarot cards appeared, always unconsciously known; they were there, ready to reveal themselves. It was the right moment. I was struck by Professor Bozzelli from the very first phone call, his voice slipped from my ears to my belly and his words opened a crack in my heart that said ‘trust me’. I liked Carlo’s teaching from the start and over time I was able to appreciate his growth in terminology and syntax. With the use of elementary words, he taught me the images of the Arcana, explaining their structure and meaning, exactly as a Master teaches a child to form the letters of a new alphabet, letters that became words, then sentences, and finally grammar and speeches; always ready to fully reveal his esoteric, religious and humanistic knowledge, without reticence to the questions of the students. Thanks to him, I realised that studying the Tarot is a path of life, a cyclical way into which the human soul pours, a silent book that speaks in images, a sacred tool that we can learn to play by learning to ‘see’ the music that comes from within, by resonating with the inner music of others. The Tarot is the advice, the School, the medium that is helping me to decipher it to broaden my vision, knowledge, intuition so that I can then share this knowledge by becoming the voice through which the Tarot can express itself. I can only say THANK YOU to the Tarot, to the seriousness of the method, to the professionalism and to the attention of Carlo and his sweet assistant Sara; thank you for having supported and guided me so far (and in the future) along this Path that I feel is mine and that I hope will become a path of growth for many”.

Isabelle, Bologna

“When I started my path, I was very surprised about the approach taken by the Academy. It was precisely this kind of approach that gave me the confidence to approach the Tarot. It is hard to explain how over time, through personal readings and consultations with others, one learns to enter into this new and surprising point of view, in which knowledge of the future simply ceases to be of interest because more and more one acquires the splendid awareness that, the future, does not really exist: we manufacture it, in this one real time that is the eternal and full present.”

Irene, Pietrasanta

“I have attended and continue to attend Tarot Academy Courses and Seminars for: – the serene environment that the teacher and his collaborator know how to create; – the method used in the study and reading of tarot cards; – rigorousness and preparation on the topics being addressed; – clarity of presentation that facilitates learning.

Francesco, Padua

“Until two years ago, two words were enough to describe my relationship with the tarot: ignorance and scepticism. I had to take the first step on my own path: to realise that these two false friends cannot be travelling companions. Never. The main obstacle for anyone starting a journey is always the same, for everyone: realising that a journey is necessary. That one cannot stand still forever, because then, sooner or later, one falls at the mercy of the two false friends (who are very patient, and always waiting for us…). One has to move. You can do it alone, but in company it is better. One proceeds perhaps not faster, but with the certainty of not going in the wrong direction. That is why it is essential to choose a good travelling companion, preferably someone who already knows the route ahead of us and can guide us. My encounter with Carlo and the Academy was basically this: the choice of a travelling companion. A travelling companion recommended by other friends already on the way, and for this reason welcomed with joy and trust. When I was still in the company of my two false friends, to anyone who had described a tarological teaching to me using terms such as ‘scientific rigour’, ‘rationality’ or even ‘mathematics’, I would surely have laughed in their faces. Today, after just one year of walking, although there are still many stages ahead of me, I can at least say this to those who have not yet set out: don’t laugh! The precision and absolute objectivity of this tool called Tarot can be compared to Pythagorean theorems … and of the hypotenuse it is not that one can question its existence! (If anything, we may find that geometry is not for us, but that is another story…). Unfortunately, with regard to the Tarot, centuries of distorted information that have given rise to prejudice and mistrust cannot be erased in a heartbeat, at least not by standing still! One must set out on the path of knowledge and only then judge. I wish all future walkers to find a faithful, humble and sincere travelling companion, as I did, and who knows, one day we will all find each other on the way! Have a good trip

Paolo, Lucca

I got to know Carlo’s seminars by chance (or perhaps chance had nothing to do with it… I was simply led)… I had been searching the Internet for several years for a course in tarot card reading because I wanted to get closer to this wonderful world that has always intrigued and fascinated me, accompanied by an expert who could introduce me to what tarotology really is. Despite my stubbornness, however, I never found anything…nothing that came close to what I was looking for. This, and I only realised this later, was because there was nothing really suitable for me (and not because there was no material on the net for courses). When I met Carlo and Sara (his wonderful partner and assistant) a new world opened up to me. A world of knowledge, of research, of answers. I began a journey that I would describe as exciting, which, meeting after meeting, gave me a new charge… I entered a world that many people, seeing it from the outside, define as somewhere between charlatan and dangerous… But there is nothing charlatan or dangerous about it. The whole thing can be summed up in these words: Carlo with his teachings does not impose but simply transmits his knowledge. He teaches you what he has already learnt, he brings forward knowledge… With him I have learnt many things… and many I have yet to learn. “I am thirsty for knowledge”.. Every time I finish a course… I can’t wait to start another one. And last but not least, through the courses I have met a lot of really extraordinary people. Life stories of women who have crossed paths with mine and left something really important behind. Each one in her own small way has left me something really great. And all this… thanks to the Accademia dei Tarocchi, to Carlo, to Sara. Thank you, really thank you.”

Valeria, Sondrio

“I approached the Tarot because I knew nothing about it, I ignored the meaning, almost out of curiosity!!!!. I followed the path of knowledge, I rediscovered first a great inner help and then a help to others….this is the true meaning of life. Thank you Carlo, I love you.”

Anna, Brescia

“My name is Sara and with this comment I would like to tell you about my experience with the Tarot. It all started a bit as a game, a bit out of curiosity; I have always been attracted, ever since I was a child, by these strange ‘cards’, some a bit disturbing, others reassuring, but I have never had the courage to study them also because, unfortunately, there are too many people who speculate on them, who take advantage of people’s problems to beguile them. One afternoon, while surfing the Internet, I accidentally opened the school’s website…I was actually looking for something else and was surprised to see that there is a school where they teach you the language of tarot! And since I don’t believe in chance I immediately phoned! Carlo answered me and, with his great patience, explained how the courses were run and removed any doubts I had. I signed up and my adventure in the world of tarot began! I think I am lucky to have met Carlo because he taught me that the Tarot cards are not just printed cards but have a story, they have a soul, somehow they are alive, they should be respected for the great opportunity they give us when they ‘speak’ to us! They have become my best friends, they advise and help me. But the best thing is that I finally found a way to help others. It is magic, beautiful magic. When I finish a consultation, I know I have done something important, something extremely serious… I am only a medium that has a voice because the cards, if you learn to know them, are what expresses the message. ”

Sara, Turin

“The encounter with the Tarot de Marseille through Carlo’s masterly mediation was a fantastic experience, which fitted perfectly into my path of spiritual deepening. Everything came about thanks to that case-that-is-not-a-case and I am extremely happy to have grasped the possibility that was opening up to me. Through his example, Carlo also contributed to the group’s desire to collaborate, to meet on other occasions, to help each other… perfectly in line with the concept of the All in the One and the One in the All that I also found in the Arcana. I am deeply grateful for this gift of life.”

Laura, Bologna

“I started the Tarot de Marseille course almost by chance, out of curiosity. I knew that fortune-tellers must ‘feel’ what comes from the cards, rely on a mysterious sixth sense, and for me, a convinced ‘Saint Thomas’, all this was completely unfounded. What I love about this course, of which I have just finished the initial cycle, is precisely its absolute scientificity and precision. There are laws and rules to be respected and applied, with rigour and seriousness. We are not in Cartomancy, in fact, but in Tarology, which is indeed a science. Everything is taught with absolute precision, clarity, patience and humility. And while remaining in the exact science, I have more than once remained open-mouthed in front of the ‘small miracles’ that I have witnessed and of which it is useless to speak at length: if they had told them to me, I would never have believed them. So I can only recommend, to those who have even the slightest curiosity, to do as I did and start with the first meeting…..you will find yourself on an evolutionary and sacred path that your heart and soul will find hard to leave.”

Emma, Rome

“The Tarot study course was done by my wife Maria and I in a kind of symbiosis. At the beginning, although stimulated by our thirst for knowledge, we approached the course with a series of doubts and perplexities. Cartomancy, predictions of the future, various games, personal interpretations, as well as the often incorrect use of it, had led us into a minefield. So the mood of the first approach was certainly that. But from the very first meeting we realised that it was about something else. It was about the recovery of ancient knowledge that would almost have been lost. And above all, we were struck by the profound preparation of Carlo Bozzelli, the founder of this Academy. He took us gently by the hand and accompanied us on this fascinating, if sometimes difficult, path, but nonetheless one of profound spirituality. As we progressed along the path, we realised that the Tarot (real name for the icons) was much more than a series of images. In it were represented the vicissitudes of mankind, ancient symbolism, the subtle energy emanating from the cards, as well as a firm invitation to self-improvement. Carlo always told us that the Tarot path is an initiatory path leading to the Stars. This is a profound truth. The invitation is to detach oneself from material things and set off on an incredible journey towards the soul and its subtle world. To do a reading to another person is to communicate soul to soul, to take them by the hand and lead them to purer and more refined dimensions. It is an alchemical process of transformation, permeated by a thin veil of magic. It sounds incredible and in some ways it is! I conclude by saying that for Maria and me it was an experience that opened up new perspectives on life and a greater confidence in our existential choices”.

Antonio e Maria, Sanremo

“I am a professional astrologer who uses symbols every day. My goal when I enrolled in the course was to learn a new symbolic language. I never doubted the power of the Tarot, but I was amazed, surprised, moved by the precision of this language. With Carlo’s teaching method, the doors of self-understanding and thus the possibility of personal development are open to everyone who enters with a pure heart.”

Luiza, Rome

“I have a wonderful memory of my encounter with both the Tarot and Carlo. They disclosed to me a totally unexpected world, which nothing led me to delegate to the irrational and to fatality, but consolidated in me the need for cognitive rigour and inner freedom, revealing the Magic present in everyday life and in the apparently random occurrence of events. It was the acquisition of a tool for investigating my immediate life and myself, which stimulated my intuitive faculties by providing them with a tool for a more rigorous and conscious confrontation. I am particularly grateful to Carlo for his extraordinary mediation with this method of investigation that comes to us from a very distant time, but that perhaps only today can express all the potential it contains, in full accord with our vocation for self-awareness. Unforgettable remains the atmosphere and affection established between the participants in the courses where, for my part, I established deep friendships. Participation in further studies has become a requirement for me.”

Irene, Florence

Invitation to Travel: “I invite you on a journey to that country that is so like you. The languid suns of its clouded skies have for my spirit the enchantment of your eyes when they shine dimly. There, all is order and beauty, calm and voluptuousness; the world falls asleep in a warm light of hyacinth and gold. Lazily sleeping are the wandering vessels that have come from every border to satisfy your desires. “Le matin j’ecoutais les sons du jardin les langage des parfums des fleurs.” (quote: Franco Battiato). For me, the Tarot is a wonderful journey. Perhaps to give greater importance to a subject like the Tarot, which is mistreated or misinterpreted, would require redundant words; instead I choose simplicity. I am happy to have embarked on this spiritual path, which is gradually proving to be more and more surprising because of all the possible associations with other disciplines. It ranges, for example, from myth to legend, it considers different religions and philosophies and does so in a fascinating way. All of this is told with the simplicity (which I mentioned earlier) of a teacher who defines himself as a go-between, a ferryman between us and the Tarot, who with great professionalism and love knows how to transmit the right meaning that must be given to this study… I would have a thousand words to say to recount every imperceptible or greater change that my life has been able to savour after the discovery of this world, rational in technique but with a magical and unfathomable touch for everything that has happened to me. I live this new experience, as every time I have approached a new knowledge, with extreme gratitude and with the awareness of widening the boundaries of my mind a little more, of understanding more fully the meanings of love and death and, most important of all, the role of my body as a container for a soul eager to evolve further. Thank you.”

Bianca, Turin

“I expected, when I enrolled in the basic Major Arcana 1 course a year and a half ago, an organic and structured teaching that would allow me to orient myself in the world of Tarot symbolism, a field of energy that has interested me and whose power and fascination I have felt since I was very young. In reality, I found much more than this: the Academy’s approach and method not only offered me high quality teaching, which fully satisfied my cognitive needs, arranging this vast millenary knowledge in a vast and articulated historical and theoretical framework, but also provided the opportunity to deepen a path of knowledge and inner evolution that was renewed with each successive course. In short, it is a very enriching experience that I recommend to anyone interested in self-knowledge and helping others.”

Silvia, Perugia

“During the reading, that particular moment when the cards are placed on the table and the question is asked, a wonderful ‘dialogue’ begins there. Between myself, wondering which is the ‘right’ question to ask and how to ask it; between myself and the person in front of me, when, after having expressed my doubts aloud, we talk about ourselves, we ask questions of the other person… sometimes words are few, then it is the intonation of the voice, the gestures, the gaze that tell the other person about themselves. The dialogue is also internal when I look at the figures and they convey feelings that turn into emotions and thoughts. So what makes TAROT special and different from fortune-telling? They LISTEN, they teach me to listen, they do not pretend to know and say everything about me or the other person. They have the grace of expectation, they offer and do not impose. They open up possibilities, leaving me free to choose. I don’t know about you but for me, having an energy with these characteristics next to me makes me breathe better and more. A hug,

Carmen, Bergamo

“I cannot say exactly why or when I approached the Tarot; it was a gradual thing and as I got to know it, I felt that the Tarot was a science that did not go against but included all the others that try to shed light on the subtlest world… What struck me was not so much the divinatory aspect nor the desire to use them for other people but the fact that they indicated a true path of personal evolution and expansion of one’s consciousness. At a certain point I realized that I could no longer go it alone, so I searched the sea of the net for a guide and ‘chance’ led me to meet Carlo Bozzelli, founder of the Academy of Tarot. I followed all the courses held by him climbing the various levels of knowledge, the Tarot became an integral part of my life, guiding my choices and now I also use it with other people trying to help them overcome their problems and difficulties, because I understood that reading is a necessary step for knowledge and evolution on the path of the Tarot. In Carlo I found a very well-prepared person, with a profound knowledge of this very ancient science, I found not only a great teacher but also a true man and a profound friend.”

Alberto, Bologna

“I have been passionate about Tarot for many years but had never found the right way to study it. One day I heard about Carlo and without thinking much I immediately called him. After a long phone conversation with him I was more than convinced that I wanted to start my path of inner growth with the Tarot. I did the Course in a city far from mine but I did not regret having invested money and time. The Academy of Tarot gave me everything I had been looking for years. The teacher, Carlo, is an exquisite person who uses simple words, has infinite patience and gentle ways of explaining everything about this fascinating world. After only a few months, I am able to read the cards to interesting people and when I receive positive feedback I am really happy as a clam. The Tarot teaches me many things, it has changed my life in a positive way. One should always look into it because it is a tool with infinite resources and it helps one to see more clearly in confusing and dark moments. To all those who are considering taking courses at the Academy of Tarot, I can highly recommend them and surely…they will not be disappointed. At this point I would like to thank Carlo and Sara for everything: for their courtesy, helpfulness, fairness and understanding. We are like one big family and it is nice when you speak the same language! Obviously, I look forward to meeting up and continuing with the further development!”

Tanja, Prato

“I signed up for the course because I knew there was a different philosophy behind it and I found myself ‘passionate’ about everything. The ‘blame’ for all this lies with Carlo who manages to communicate in a direct, clear and engaging way even the most difficult things or the most subtle connections. I am a trainer and am very critical of other colleagues (of any subject) when I am a learner, but I must say that in this case I have nothing to criticise. The course is well constructed and makes you grow exponentially, giving you the tools bit by bit so you can use them properly.”

Roberta, Ravenna

“The path I took certainly began at the beginning out of tuning in or simple epidermal sympathy for the teacher (and here I could write at length and only well about Carlo and Sara’s correctness and moral high ground). But precisely in keeping with this intrinsic quality, I am sure it would almost be an insult to speak of the “medium” and not the “instrument.” Perhaps out of politeness or perhaps because I am aware that I have no “paranormal” or “psychic” qualities, a rational approach characterises me in my studies of what is considered esotericism, in its negative sense, by the academic world. This is not to deny that there are people who, simply by touching a hand or looking at a card, are able to tune in at a deep level with energy currents and perceive past and/or future events; I only admit that I am not and never will be like that. Delving into the language of the Tarot also means aligning oneself with the rationality of thought, and as one delves deeper into the language and codes of the Tarot, one understands that it is a true “privileged channel”, towards the inner Self and towards, for those who believe in it, a superior Mind, which respects our need to be rational beings to the point of providing us with both a vocabulary and educators (rather than teachers) of a universal language, the image. The image, today more than ever, has become the most powerful form of communication in our society: it communicates quickly and directly and does not need lengthy study, like writing, to be understood, because our own inner world (dreams, fantasies) is wallpapered with images. This is what studying at the Academy is for me: a dignification of my rational side and at the same time a point of contact with the Great Rational Mind that made up the entire Universe of mathematical rules.”

Carla, Rimini

“Carlo…your beautiful Words moved me to tears…I hold you in high esteem because you use your wonderful Gift to help people who are suffering and in difficulty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of myself and them. You really make this world a better world; what could be more beautiful? “

Chiara, Bergamo

“I was moved by such frankness, honesty and purity of spirit. You, Carlo, are compassion and empathy and there is no better guide than people who can demonstrate such sensitivity. One could immediately sense, from the way you spoke, how much love you feel for each other and that is precisely why we need people like you so much to guide us in this Life. And surely you are a true Angel sent to us on Earth to fulfil this mission… there are few people with whom I have shared such an intense experience as I have, so pure and authentic. Thanks to you, I will certainly know how to make the right choices to create a Life of peace and serenity for myself. “

Concetta, Barcelona

“You are a precious person, veterinary is already a vocation but choosing the path of Tarology is a very high thing…not fortune teller or ‘magician’ but Tarologist…it is only right that you first emphasise the difference because yours are not just words or readings but are lights on a path. In the past I have known fortune-tellers who, with feigned modesty, believed themselves to be demigods. This is pure blasphemy and that is why, believe me, I have faith in you; not as a tarologist only but as a guide. If you want, in some ways, to know that you have fallen and limp, but having a pure person ‘by your side’ brings you closer to being able to walk again…Thank you.”

Fabrizio, Ovada

“Since the Tarot of Marseille came into my life, I have learnt to trust and rely on something greater…Thank you Carlo for dedicating your life to this wonderful Art and congratulations also for the site!”

Paola, Barga

“The experience of the seminars with Carlo was wonderful for me, I enjoyed it so much that once I had done the first course, I chose to take the next ones as well. The history of the Tarot, the symbolism in it, the connection to ancient civilisations, fascinated me so much that I couldn’t wait for the next seminar to come to learn more. Certainly, this experience gave me a different view and teaching on tarot reading and led me to discover a world unknown to me. Thank you.”

Mary, San Marino

“I would like to congratulate and thank Professor Bozzelli for the skill with which he managed to guide us on a dense and complex path within the world of the Tarot. Despite the difficulty of the topics covered, the professor always knew how to find the simplest words and the clearest and most effective images to convey profound and fascinating knowledge and to enable us to embark on an authentic path of spiritual growth.”

Paolo, Massa Carrara

“The course, undertaken out of curiosity and to accompany my friend, who was much more interested than me, was a revelation: from the content, to the teaching. All of it a unique professionalism, increasingly rare in these fields. After the basic course, the advanced course, the readings, the minor arcana and still the course continues. Tarot is now part of my life, it really is a counsellor for me and, with my limitations, also for others through the readings. Thank you Carlo for having ‘initiated’ me, because it really is only the beginning…….The way is long but I can’t wait to continue along it. Thank you Sara, you really are an example of authenticity…And thank you both for your ‘LOVE’. A hug. ”

Loretta, Bergamo

“I had long been intrigued by the Tarot and wanted to learn more about it; I had read a few books but the information given remained an end in itself: I could not put it into practice, i.e. I did not understand how to use it, how to do a reading. By attending Carlo’s seminars, I found what I was looking for: a truly simple, straightforward and above all credible method of practical use. I also realised that the Tarot, if properly interpreted, is not just a tool for divination, but a metaphor for our lives. Since then they have become trusted companions for me. “

Sandro, Bologna

“What a beautiful evening last night… I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere other than where I was, together with you… albeit virtually (but are we sure it was a virtual meeting and not a real meeting of souls?). Time flew by just as it does when you are doing something you enjoy. Each one of us was at home, in front of his computer… But to me it seemed as if I had you all at home, around me, together with me sharing a beautiful thing, a passion that unites us, that for the Tarot. I went to bed happy and full of energy…In fact, after two hours I was already awake and remained wide-eyed until morning! I was kept company by the Tarot characters that kept running through my mind, I imagined questions and draws, cards upright and upside down, looks and solutions…. I am truly happy to be part of this Academy and to have been, together with you, a pioneer of this online ‘experiment’ which, I would say, has been perfectly successful! Again, thank you for the energy you have transmitted to me with your voice, thank you for sharing a fragment of your life with me, thank you because I have felt you truly close. I have here beside me a book dedicated to the life and ‘prodigies’ of that great personage who was Gustavo Rol. I conclude and greet you with this phrase of his: “The important thing is that man realises that the Marvelous exists and that he wants to access it.” I think we are on the right track…. A fraternal embrace and a thought of Light to you all.”

Piercarlo, Montecatini

“Still full of gratitude for your teachings and for the grace and generosity with which you revealed to us the true essence of the Tarot this weekend. Fortunate are those who, like me, have been able to enjoy it and fortunate are those who will be able to do so in the future. I finally understood why the Tarot remains mysterious or misinterpreted by most: to reveal such a precious mystery you need a Great Master. You, Carlo, are one.”

Daniela, Milano

“With great pleasure I can say that it is much more than a course, it is a path inside us that makes us meet all the aspects of our personality, introduces us to the unconscious and suggests the best. The teacher, Carlo Bozzelli, with purity, dedication, love, passion and respect goes deep inside and opens us up to a new dimension of the Tarot. It is a tool of great depth and help for ourselves and for others.”

Carlotta, Rome

“I have opened a sacred door, I have encountered a tool that I will use in a new way and that has taught me even better self-respect. Perhaps trust is a mirror perhaps it is an achievement however everything will happen by following it!!!”.

Patrizia, Rome

“I often think back to that first magical weekend of meeting the Tarot and you carrying its message, in a polite but decisive manner, conveying to us the seriousness and grandeur of what we were going to study. At the time, I did not even remotely imagine what I would encounter, what privilege I would have in being able to access this knowledge. Two years have now passed and far from being exhausted, on the contrary, the path is becoming more and more interesting and richer in insights and satisfaction, filling that part of spiritual life that is so important to me. In particular, the last course, the Advanced course, really was significant, unforgettable! It is continuous food for thought and research for me. Certainly the amazement and wonder is for the Tarot but the affection and gratitude are for you who have decided to share in your serious and passionate way this great thing.”

Francesca, Padua

“It was an excellent choice that made me think, on a sunny afternoon in Rome, :- “Why not enrol in the Tarot Course?”……. only if I don’t like it I can always interrupt it………..now that it is over, I feel “orphaned” by Carlo and Sara. A world of many details opened up to me, of macrocosm and microcosm; of contacts with the unconscious and the remote, in short….an experience to be lived in all its complex simplicity. Now I feel a bit lost but, the basics have been given to me, the teacher was very good, now it’s my turn! I highly recommend it as a study and life experience!”

Bruna, Rome

I began the journey (because this is what it is) without any preparation or prejudice, simply because I was ‘drawn’ or ‘attracted’ to the Tarot from the presentation in Rome on 31 January of this year. My real inner change came from then on, which was exceptional, as I had never touched a Tarot card in my life. So I immediately realised the power of the tool, understood its potential, and signed up, happy to ‘start’ on a path that would get me to my centre of gravity (or very close to it!), to smooth out my ‘angularities’, to reset my essence where I felt that, although I had been sincerely searching for it for a long time, it continued to elude me. I immediately felt changed: I felt this way even before the course and the physical contact with the cards and their contents. Today, more than nine months later, I can only confirm once again the power and intrinsic power of the Tarot: even if only by studying it, trying to delve into meanings and symbologies that are still quite unknown to me, even if only by drawing the “card of the day”, even if only by reflecting on the meaning of a SINGLE CARD, but with my heart and mind, I feel united (Carlo explained to us the true meaning of Yoga, as union/communion between soul and personality) and I behave and speak as I would never have thought…Sometimes I feel as if it is not me speaking, that someone else is doing it for me. And I will say more: I also feel terribly important and happy when I feel that my word is opening the heart and conscience of someone to whom I am speaking, trying to help them in their difficulties, almost forgetting (or setting aside) my own! I believe in the infinite and eternal value of the Tarot teachings, but I also firmly believe in their intrinsic power, regardless of their knowledge, which only adds visible and tangible content to an energy that comes from afar and would otherwise be inexplicable in itself! If I were to give a friend a gift, I would advise him to approach the Tarot, with the intention of contributing in this way to his personal growth, to his evolution on the road to full knowledge and consciousness of Self, of his true essence and of the immense powers he has in his hands, without knowing it! Thanks to Carlo (without limits) and thanks also to Sara, always close to him and to us, with discretion and dedication! I hope that Tarot will become a truly recognised discipline and that its value and potential will become more widely known, without qualms or prejudices of any kind, which – alas – are still many!

Antonella Maria, Rome

I expected to come out of the Tarot course ready to read the future to anyone who wanted it, but the result was anything but: much, much more satisfying and profound, so much so that I can’t wait for my next Tarot meeting! Right from the start, it becomes clear that everything taught puts the person in a position to change his or her destiny. The Tarot is a precise science, easily understood by anyone, and certainly more useful than a long and intense session of psychoanalysis. The founder of the Academy, Carlo Bozzelli, magnificently explained the history of the Tarot and conveyed to us the knowledge that we can look inside ourselves and direct our lives according to what they show us. Everyone has this potential and this Course teaches a lot, a great deal both to those who know nothing about it and to those who consider themselves expert fortune tellers! Everything I knew about Tarot previously was reset and a new approach, a new way of looking at and ‘feeling’ these fascinating cards, was opened up. At the end of the course the feeling was that I had the helm of my life in my hands and as a guide the Tarot deck ready to steer and surprise me again and again!

Alessandra, Empoli

I crossed the 7 seas; finally the safe harbour: the Tarot. This is how I am living it. The Academy: it works! Sara’s gentle concreteness and Carlo’s love of passing on so much knowledge form a winning combination. During the courses I felt part of a whole that I cannot describe. Perhaps Carlo’s ability to make the student feel important and never neglected; his patience in listening and his great ability to communicate and arouse interest make every minute of the course a new, interesting experience, a strong urge to go on, ever further.

Laura, Rome

A very enriching experience from every point of view and one that is not easy to describe unless you live it in person. The Tarot…..a journey beyond rationality, beyond matter, to get closer to the deepest part of ourselves that incessantly tries to speak to us every day, showing us the right path. The path of the ‘Fool’ that very often we do not want to take because we do not see it, because we are afraid, because we do not trust it, but above all because we do not ‘listen’ to ourselves, we do not listen to our Soul……which is there waiting for us, in the ‘World’… A unique experience of growth and transformation. Thank you, Carlo, for being there and for being the conduit of this great Knowledge.

Luisa, Milan

Just completed Basic Course Major Arcana 1, it was fantastic, more fascinating than expected. BRAVISSIMO Dr. Carlo Bozzelli with in-depth explanations expressed in a very clear way. Congratulations to all….I look forward to the next course!

Lorena, Verona

I realised that the Tarot was a complex and powerful tool from the moment I started to study it as a self-taught student, almost impossible! The Academy gave me the opportunity to get to know him in his innermost essence and to constantly continue to do so. Learning the codes and laws allowed me to understand the non-randomness of the Tarot, but its total expression of the synchronicity that governs life. Studying it has opened important doors in my existence, turning my attention to my soul and the free will that belongs to each of us. To convey the message I think it is important to first of all be part of it ourselves. Thank you Sara, thank you Carlo for creating the Academy that spreads your message.

Biagio, Rome

The theory and method taught by Carlo are quite simple to use and you immediately see results that, with practice, grow every day. So, if a person wanted to start on a path to learn how to read the Tarot, Carlo would be a great way to approach this world, a world that can be visited by both experts and beginners.

Francesco, Brescia

Thanks to the courses on the Major Arcana, an in-depth encounter with these ‘wise’ and metaphysical archetypes was possible, which allowed me to awaken the deep sides of my consciousness and expand my worldview to a higher and more mystical knowledge.

Giorgia, Bergamo

I started this journey, I can say today in retrospect, one of the most important of my life, about a year and a half ago. I didn’t really know where I was going, but I knew that this would take me on a journey within myself. Well, I have faced my demons step by step and still have much to face, but since I met you and the Tarot, I have never again faced anything without coming into contact with this higher intelligence. A path that allowed me to confront myself, deep inside. I was able to see, to look at that part of me that had been forgotten in oblivion and, albeit sometimes with some difficulty, I began to change and everything around me changed. Opposing resistance when the Tarot’s message is difficult for us to accept does nothing more than make the same message come back again and again to the point where, finally, our souls open up. That is where the profound change begins. I wish everyone this great opportunity for authentic rebirth. With gratitude,

Barbara, Rome

More than a course, for me it was a path, especially of awareness. Masterfully conducted by a cathartic Carlo Bozzelli, an extraordinary conversationalist and charmer of people, and his precious companion Sara. I wanted to take this opportunity to embrace you with affection and wish you all the best.

Umberto, Rome

The method transmitted in the courses is enlightening. I realised the true meaning of the Tarot when I saw Carlo in action. Tarot reading is an accompaniment to life. Each stage brings new profound knowledge. It makes one wonder why stop when there is so much to explore and learn. Stimuli not only mental, but above all spiritual. It is giving new light and new meaning to what has been experienced so far and a new charge to face what lies ahead. All under the banner of spiritual evolution.

Ermanna, Lecco

I have been attending Tarot Academy courses for years: a scientific method firmly anchored in the spiritual wisdom inherent in human civilisations of all times. The descriptive power of words is limited…All that remains is to experiment.

Barbara, Milan

Very beautiful experience, a profound and evolutionary journey. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity.

Cristina, Verona

My personal experience. I am really happy to have entered the world of Tarot and to have had Professor Bozzelli as a teacher.

Tinca, Padua

Added value: rigorous method, thoroughness, systematicity, different perspective with which to rework the knowledge I possess.

Bice, Imola

An enlightening experience about the magic of the instrument and the potential within us.

Francesca, Bergamo

Over time I have had many other experiences of personal growth, but I have never encountered a tool for vision, understanding and inner healing as powerful, as profound, as expressive, as extraordinarily refined and as dense with meaning as the Tarot. With each passing day, I experience first-hand its value and effectiveness. Every day that passes the Tarot amazes and surprises me. Knowledge, but even more so the practice of the Tarot, is one of the greatest gifts a person can give himself. Like all practices that have to do with a path of inner evolution, both on an individual and universal level, working with the Tarot requires commitment, attention, humility, study and application in order to be able to understand and make the best use of its very rich and articulated language. However, every minute we dedicate to it is rewarded by the joy and enthusiasm of experiencing for ourselves access to a higher level of authentic awareness, of progressive understanding and realisation of the meaning of our human experience on the multiple planes of our personality and spirituality. I hope to be able, in the near future, to offer a small part of the benefits I receive daily from the Tarot also to all those I will have the good fortune to meet along the rest of my life’s journey, so that I can make it a real tool of help and compassion for others. This will probably require a certain amount of effort on my part, but it will also represent a new, more meaningful direction for me to head in. I would also like to express my most sincere thanks and my highest esteem to Carlo Bozzelli, not only for his great culture and exceptional knowledge of the subject, but also for his undeniable skills in the field of teaching, for the attention and availability he has always shown to each of the course participants, passing on to us the teaching of the Tarot in a careful, scrupulous, uncontaminated manner, precisely commensurate with our level and abilities, more like a father than a teacher. His is a teaching that truly comes from the heart. Thank you, Carlo, thank you, Sara, for giving me the opportunity to get to know and experience all this.

Francesco, Milan

Carlo’s are not courses. They are accelerators of awareness and evolution. Above all, you understand that it will not be a path but an endless spiral. Thank you.

Cristina, Milan

An excellent opportunity to learn how to read a sacred language, applicable to one’s personal growth and, at the same time, a tool to support, with precise indications, the consultant’s evolution. A great gift of existence, to be handled with utmost care and dedication in helping others.

Giovanni, Genoa

A unique and unforgettable experience, a fascinating world to recommend to anyone who wants to embark on a journey of inner knowledge.

Rita, Milan

It is difficult to talk about something that moves so significantly…

Laura, Milan

For beginners, for all beginners, hesitant, uncertain, doubtful, for those full of reservations both about the depth-reliability of the Tarot, and about themselves and their abilities, the reading days are essential. Slowly over the course of the readings Carlo, with his usual total generosity, allows us to verify how fundamental this part of the teaching is and how much it can help us to put it into practice.

Fulvio, Milan

A very well done seminar. Carlo is impeccable: a great communicator, very knowledgeable about the subject, he manages to balance scientific and magical aspects well. It was a joy for me to attend the course. Highly recommended!

Maria, Venice

A very serious in-depth scientific and esoteric course to learn how to read a new language made of rules and codes. Extraordinary!

Donatella, Rome

A wonderful experience conducted with great humanity, seriousness and sensitivity. I was given the opportunity to enter and see the beginning of a path that can lead to great levels of inner evolution. And that it can become a tool to be used in everyday life for us and for others. I will continue on this path with great joy and curiosity!

Valentina, Rome

A very intense and formative experience, a surprise for those who do not know the subject or only have a rough idea from ‘hearsay’. Clichés are broken down and we enter a magical world that is more real than reality, where we ourselves become the ‘Tarot’, reconnecting with our true essence that becomes a guide to a profound and amazing journey, just like ‘Le Mat’. Everyone should have this experience to fully understand the meaning of all things.

Cristina, Rome

I am very satisfied I would not have imagined having so much input I am already looking forward to doing it again.

Flavia, Rome

The course is so well structured and serious that the feedback can only be positive. For those unfamiliar with the subject, everything is very clear and understandable, also because Carlo’s preparation shines through from the very first day of the course. Personally, I recommend it to all those who wish to start on a path that revolutionises their perspective and who want to welcome the Tarot into their lives.

Claudia, Rome

The Tarot course/path created by the Tarot Academy is a wonderful experience of personal and evolutionary growth. I consider myself very lucky to have met Carlo and Sara on my Path and to have come into contact with the world of the Tarot, which has now been part of my life for several years.

Monica, Rome

The course on the Major Arcana taken with Carlo Bozzelli was a true revelation of the evolutionary potential of an instrument that is mostly used to the minimum of its potential, i.e. only to ‘predict’ the future. The Tarot taught by Carlo, on the other hand, is a tool for inner knowledge and self-analysis with a very high evolutionary potential. I highly recommend it, the Tarot is wonderful and Carlo is great at teaching.

Gaia, Rome

Carlo is very well prepared and humanly very generous, with his courses he facilitates not only the understanding of the Arcana, but also any leaps in personal awareness.

Mario, Naples

Excellent course! A comprehensive and exhaustive course with attention to detail and made accessible to most by the simplicity with which profound content is conveyed. Wonderful and to be repeated!

Ombretta, Milan

An experience I would recommend: you arrive uncertain and hesitant, you have the opportunity to do some great thinking for a change and at the end you say goodbye to everyone and you are even more confused than before… what more could you ask for!

Barbara, Bergamo

An emotional experience, a journey into oneself that everyone should take, the Tarot is not just a card, but a door that opens your mind and soul. Carlo an excellent teacher, he can take you by the hand and guide you with his knowledge. Really amazing.

Laura, Milan

A unique experience, I have attended many seminars and courses always in the occult/spiritual field but none has ever been so engaging and interesting. Carlo is truly a master both professionally and in life, and Sara is of a rare availability and kindness.

Elisa, Como

Laura, Milan

I am really enjoying the course, it is really interesting and very well explained. My opinion of the online mode is more than positive because it allows me to enjoy the course at my own pace. and in comfort.

Rossana, Milan

I attended the video courses related to the Major Arcana cycle and I enjoyed them very much! Carlo thus clearly explains a subject that is as fascinating as it is subtle and deep and full of food for thought. The Tarot is a powerful tool that can guide and transform one’s life for the better. I have recently started this path of study and life and it is my wish to continue it. The video courses are also very convenient and offer the possibility to follow them according to one’s needs. Thanks also to Sara, always kind and helpful.

Marina, Milan

I attended the Major Arcana course at a distance – video lessons. I was very satisfied because I found Carlo’s explanations very interesting, complete and curious. He gave me the impression that he is very well prepared and you can see the experience behind him.

Federica, Turin

Highly transformative and very ‘immersive’ experience. One senses that behind the courses there is a desire to share and transmit rather than talk at each other and sit in a chair. Excellent work, whose common thread is integrity, united by a passion for the subject. An apparently occult language but one that speaks with great transparency and simplicity to those who know how to listen. The modules are structured in a progressive and effective way for gradual and deepening understanding and the content is truly a gold mine.

Enrico, London

I approached the Tarot with Carlo’s guidance and a world opened up to me. Its gradual and scrupulous conduct reveals the secrets of a metaphysical language that connects us with our highest Self. I am only at the beginning, but I have the feeling that this journey will last a lifetime. The video courses are excellent from the teaching point of view. Carlo is generous and meticulous in his explanations. This mode allows, with ease, to take valuable notes based on the explanation.

Liliana, Asti

I found the explanations very clear and comprehensive. Exceeding initial expectations.

Lucia, Trieste

The Tarology course should be undertaken by everyone, I dare say brought into schools as a subject of study. It enables one to embark on an inner journey that allows one to work firstly on oneself and then to help others. I agree with Carlo Bozzelli that we need to eradicate the idea that it is a divinatory method. I found the course to be comprehensive, clear and well formulated even if at times excessively repetitive on aspects that were already clear to me personally. It is not necessary to have previous studies in the subject, although many topics covered, e.g. genealogy, should be studied separately. I would like to thank Carlo Bozzelli and the Accademia dei Tarocchi for giving me the opportunity to learn the laws and reading of the Tarot through the Cipher matrix.

Mara, Monza e della Brianza

Tarot Angels: among us, we often started calling ourselves that. This ‘we’ is made up of four girls who, since the first courses, have been re-united under a banner held by the ever-present voice of Carlo Bozzelli. To the Academy we owe our illuminating encounter with the Tarot, the loyal Friend who has accompanied us everywhere ever since. Whether it be expeditions down into the depths, dizzy elevations of thought, springs of the heart or exhausting waits, we can always count on His wisdom. With ever renewed amazement, we trust and rely on: from the comparison of our individual readings we always derive the same coherent message. So, since then, we are no longer alone, through reading we grow and it is for us first and foremost to love each other.

Alessia, Francesca, Laura, Sabrina, Italy

One of those choices that then seem to you to be a beacon, that of having taken the Academy courses. Every single word, every piece of information has its value, its weight, and is shared and ‘delivered’ with great care and attention. I wish me continued study with the Academy (I look forward to ‘astrology’), the Academy to continue to shine! To those who have not yet met her along the way, to meet her soon.

Stefania, Paris

I have been following the Academy for over a year. I attended all the seminars of the first level, Junior Tarologist. Every time I attend a seminar I have the impression that I am in front of so much knowledge that I cannot believe it. The most beautiful thing about the teacher, Carlo, is his total consistency with what he teaches. He is the Tarot, you can sense it immediately, he is at one with this extraordinary tool. How has my life changed? For the better. I have accelerated long-stale processes and I am proud of that. I live in the present, in serenity. I know I finally have a means of immediate communication with that inner part of me that is the truest, the most important. And I have been listening…forever. And when they ask me for a reading, I listen even more. I am satisfied with this journey and wish it all the best to those who are along the Path. And you? Are you happy?

Elisabetta, Milan

In my experience at the courses held by Carlo, with the harmonious assistance of Sara, one does not only learn the method of ‘reading tarot cards’. Taking part in one of Carlo’s courses is like going on a journey within oneself, because in each card it is possible to find a part of oneself and one’s soul, to recognise people, to trace a particular passage in life, sometimes even managing to identify keys that had never appeared to us before. In the knowledge of the Tarot and its laws we find the splendour that the heaviness of life often prevents us from glimpsing, the voice that has often spoken to us without us being able to perceive its message. Carlo is a scholar who has delved into traditional teachings from all parts of the world, and therefore possesses extensive and ‘transversal’ esoteric knowledge. This, together with his human qualities – first and foremost his humility – allows him to be the right guide for anyone wishing to explore their inner territory through the noble language of the Tarot.

Patrizia, from Mother Earth

Meeting Carlo and the Academy, then the Tarot, totally changed my life. Every word, every lesson, every course brings with it a nourishment inexplicable to those who do not experience it directly. Carlo is a special guide who, like any teacher, becomes a channel from which universal knowledge can flow. The study and practice of the Tarot thus becomes a path of deep listening, awakening and healing. For this I am eternally grateful to Carlo and the Academy. I embrace you,

Carmelo, Rome

The meeting with the Tarot, with Carlo, Sara and the Academy took place a few years ago, at a stage in my life when I felt the urgency to answer existential questions that had always been part of me. Through the course of study provided by the Academy of Tarot, I was able to fulfil this inner need of mine. My desire to deepen my knowledge of the Tarot was first realised through online courses. An opportunity to be seized for those like me who find it difficult to attend face-to-face courses. From there, an intense, profound, life-giving experience began for me. An exciting adventure that still continues as Tarologist of the Academy. In the very articulated path leading to knowledge of the Tarot, with its codes and laws, image and expression of our true essence, I was never afraid of getting lost because I was supported and encouraged by a sure guide: Carlo! I have always appreciated the way he approaches Tarot and teaching: great professionalism, consistency and intellectual honesty. I feel that he guided and taught me with great discretion, never imposing his own way of thinking, his own beliefs, his own points of view; I always felt fully free to believe or not to believe his words and to proceed at my own pace. All without ever losing the child’s gaze and with great, great humility and delicacy that is also fully expressed during the reading evenings where he always manages to create an atmosphere of great empathy, openness and trust between the participants. Always grateful for this opportunity for growth that Life has placed in my path!

Maria Letizia, Salerno

Although I am only at the beginning of the course (I have finished the Major Arcana cycle), the Academy experience has been enlightening for me. I had attended various courses before but they were definitely more superficial and not very grounding. I feel that the path is still long, perhaps it will never end, but I feel that this is the right path for me, in particular to help me live to the fullest and, if I succeed, to try to help others too!!!

Annamaria, Turin

I advise anyone interested in embarking on a serious and professional study of the Tarot to attend courses at the Tarot Academy. Carlo is not just a teacher but a true Master capable of transmitting such ancient and profound knowledge with great seriousness and professionalism, yet using a simple language that manages to resonate the deepest chords of our Soul. This is a great gift, which only a few ‘special’ people like Carlo possess, and which is the fruit of a humble and gentle Soul who has been able to resolve, with great dedication and passion for the human Soul and many years of study, the complexity of the message and essence of the Tarot and has decided to share this great wisdom with humility, respect and generosity. The other wonderful Soul of the Academy is Sara, who supports this wonderful project with Carlo with great grace, dedication, gentleness and humility, just like the Angel of Temperance would do. To both of them goes my warmest and most sincere thanks for letting me meet and get to know the TRUE and AUTHENTIC Tarot that has supported and accompanied me in giving my life a new direction, and that continues and will continue to be a guide, light and support on my path.

Fabiola, Rome

I met the Tarot Academy, contrary to what they say, not by chance. A few years ago I had had an experience with a similar course that had little involvement and indeed somewhat distanced me from this joyful metaphysical tool. However, I did not stop searching for a way forward, constantly fascinated as I was by the archetypal power of that book of images that is the Tarot. I have not stopped waiting for a guide to illuminate this quest. The ‘quality’ of light that I saw in Carlo Bozzelli’s courses removed all doubt from my mind as to whether I should follow him and attend the Tarot Academy. Thus began a valuable experience, not yet completed, which is leading me to that gaze towards the inner, the awakening, which I feel is an unavoidable goal. The Tarot can help us and through us it can help others, and vice versa. I advise anyone who feels the need, the fascination, the call, to follow the voice of the Tarot through this Academy. A big hug to Carlo and Sara.

Fortunato, Avellino

Approaching the knowledge of the Tarot has been an enlightening and beauty-filled experience. I thank my brother for this, who pushed me to embark on this path, and I thank Sara and Carlo, unique, absolutely special and transparent people.

Floriana, Rome

Carlo Bozzelli’s course on the Major Arcana is the beginning of a wonderful journey. The tarot stimulated my skills, transformed my being and enthused my mind: it went far beyond my expectations. I thus have a new travelling companion and I am inwardly happy! Un ringraziamento al mio maestro e a tutti voi, esseri speciali, che con me avete percorso questo tratto di strada.

Patrizia, Genoa

The Academy courses have been a journey full of surprises and revealed secrets. Step by step I have discovered new tools to always carry with me.

Enrico, Turin

It is difficult to describe in a few words the knowledge and powerful dialogue that arises through tarot cards between us and our souls; when this is transformed, as we observed in the practical reading course, into help for others, a new path opens up, a journey in which there is a higher goal to be achieved. In this impalpable journey, Carlo’s concreteness, scientificity and professionalism in teaching proved essential.

Francesca, Rome

Dear Mr Bozzelli,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to take part in the Tarot course you held here in Luxembourg. I was thrilled, and I think the other participants were too, by the way you taught us, how to decipher the symbols and how you gave us the concrete basis for reading the Tarot. Everything was fascinating and perfect. As you told us, “The Tarot evokes the content that lies in our unconscious and gives it voice…..”: that’s right, that’s exactly what it is. This is the profound feeling you get at the end of the course. You conducted a very complete seminar, even teaching us how to practise, and above all you did it with passion and with great professionalism. It was also very well organised with simultaneous translation into German by Mrs Anne Vonjahr. You are great…..and I weight my words!!!

Manuela, Luxembourg

Knowing that the Tarot is a powerful tool, a guide that allows us to get to know ourselves better, to delve into our existence and its mysteries, I am of the opinion that proper training is necessary, given by a true professional, as in the case of Carlo Bozzelli. His Tarot training was a real pleasure: clear and well-structured, as well as very exciting and rewarding. Nothing like anything I have seen before. Carlo Bozzelli was professional, dedicated, friendly, serious, involved, and never tired of answering our thousands of questions. We all hope to welcome him among us in the future. I recommend it!

Martine, Luxembourg

Getting in touch with the Tarot is in my opinion a profoundly life-changing experience. Life to which I am grateful for having shown me this path. Which I have recently started to embark on with great joy, extreme interest and pleasant amazement and curiosity. These wonderful cards give you yourself. The greatest of gifts. And they do so in a gentle way, always providing you with a solution. They show you the right way. They reassure you, even after giving you news that you may not be happy about, giving you the push on how to move forward. It’s an extraordinary tool to help people connect with themselves on a deep level, while also giving them the great opportunity to help others. A transition that inevitably can only happen after you help yourself. These are cards that you slowly feel you love and that’s the beauty of it! Gradually you begin to love a part of yourself, reflected in each one of them. You learn to welcome yourself.A fundamental step in learning to welcome others and to experience empathy.It is a journey in search of Unity, with yourself and other beings. With the Whole. A journey home.That allows you to understand where you come from, why you are here and where you will return. At this point in my life that was exactly what I was looking for: to learn a technique that allows an authentic connection with the soul. This is happening through learning the language of the Tarot, a precious treasure, to which I am grateful. I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for the deeper meaning of their existence. In search of Unity and Compassion. I have tried to undertake this quest by various other means throughout my life. But I find this the most pleasant, quick, infallible and effective. Special thanks are due to Carlo. One could not wish for a better teacher! His clarity and precision of exposition reveal great love, inexhaustible strength, dedication and patience, and immense study and knowledge. Fruit of passion and commitment, but also, and above all, of the desire to disseminate this wonderful opportunity for evolution and healing. Special thanks also go to Sara. For always being there, with her gentleness, delicacy and availability. But also for her impeccable attention, care and organisation. She is an angelic creature, to my eyes and heart. Finally, a thank you in advance, to all those I will meet on my new path as a tarologist because I am sure they will give me the wonderful opportunity to see myself in them.

Valentina, Milan

I recommend it to anyone interested in Tarot and/or the search for the Self. High competence, extreme gentleness and wisdom in teaching. A heartfelt thank you to both Carlo and Sara for having the strength, the will and the courage to bring such Quality that even the subtlest nuances of a true Path can be perceived.

Nicola, Vanzago

In my search for Tarot-related teaching, I had approached various publications by different authors, including Carlo, through advice. While reading his books, I was struck by the fact that they pointed in the direction of the question that haunted me most: “but is there any way to make an objective reading?” The answer I found was that yes, there was such a way: a set of codes and laws applied to a reading method. Codes and laws, symbols to be observed, connections to be made, all these things struck me and attracted me and they were all stored in the Tarot itself. I therefore attended the courses (for now I have completed the Major Arcana cycle) already imagining that they were interesting but then I discovered that they were even more so. I found in Carlo a master who accompanies us along the stages of Tarot, explaining in a clear and simple way what at first does not seem so: it was a real wonder to discover the deepest teachings in the simple observation of the Arcana. One is led through the meanders of the Tarot to the point where it is right that, as a student, one should arrive. And with the keys in hand to open the first doors, one is invited to continue the journey, the search, discovering new doors and new keys for oneself. All this with the availability of a teacher, Carlo, who can be counted on and an Academy to refer to: and here is Sara, always kind in welcoming and giving information and support to the students. Pupils who were also a discovery, because in the readings that Carlo gave us each gave something of themselves, sharing their stories and emotions with the others, also providing the opportunity for a moment of fundamental teaching. I therefore saw the Tarot in a different light and what used to be a simple deck of cards is now a path to walk, to experience. I hope to be able to use it in its service to others and to discover more and more of its treasures and teachings. My heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart to Carlo and Sara.

Francesco, Padua

The Academy gives you the experience of considering opposites as different points of view and not as contrasts and takes you on a Journey that leads to the treasure: the Tarot with its objective strength and precision. A language that goes from Soul back to Matter. Carlo is a tireless Master of Ceremonies; his passion resurfaces with every sentence and his enthusiasm is the viaticum to transmit, to those who listen, all that he has discovered in his long journey as a Pilgrim. He takes care of his ‘puppies’ and raises them with Love. The Academy is about energy and sharing. The people you meet add pieces to your life. Last but not least, the delicate Sara is the guardian of everything that revolves around the hours you spend in the classroom. Thanks to Sara and Carlo. Thanks to all my fellow travellers.

Mara, Milan

I approached the Tarot substantially driven by curiosity and … by my wife, a true enthusiast, and I discovered a fascinating and educational world. All thanks to the great competence and skill of Carlo Bozzelli, who knows how to perfectly integrate the two things, teaching and getting people interested in an only apparently ‘light’ subject. If we add to this the perfect organisation and the sweetness with which Sara welcomes and guides us during the seminars, the picture is truly complete! A life experience that I recommend to everyone, even if you are not thinking (at the moment…) of making it a real business.

Alessandro, Milan

I finished the first cycle of lessons a few days ago, on the Major Arcana. It was an exciting journey, the direct continuation of a journey of knowledge of my deepest ‘Self’ that started years ago. It is an accelerator of change, of elevation. Then the practice phase began. I was thrilled to think what could happen, how light I could become. All the readings I have done have magically spoken about me as well. I imagined it would be like that but I had no idea how powerful it would feel. Each consultant provided me with the opportunity to observe myself from the outside, to see myself from another point of view, as in a mirror. Hence the feeling that I have begun a journey of ‘recomposing’ myself. Each reading provides me with a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, representing me, and suggesting where to be placed.

Fulvio, Milan

Spiritual journey that has produced remarkable and significant changes in my life at a deep level of consciousness, giving me the ability to look with new eyes…when love beckons, one must follow it…

Giuseppe, Rome

Thanks to Sara and Carlo…The journey into tarot is, and will be, for me excitement and joy. Carlo with his exceptional competence and Sara with her sweetness and hospitality managed to make me feel at home. Their joy and discretion are a splendid calling card. I hope to participate in the other courses. With the heart,

Rosa, Milan

A seminar to be discovered. Interesting, not at all trivial!

Melina, Turin

A fascinating experience, like rain on the desert where suddenly a few drops of water bring back life to beautiful flowers in “hibernation”. In each of us is hidden a garden that we have forgotten to water and with the Tarot we can make it bloom again! In these first four meetings, with skilful patience, Carlo has led me to rediscover within myself the wonder, enthusiasm and innocence typical of children; every day is a new discovery, a unique adventure, full of surprises, a new vision of the present, a serenity to be lived to the full with a smile on my lips. Thanks to Carlo and Sara for the seriousness, professionalism, love and dedication with which they organise each meeting.

Rita, Milan

Hi, I am a repeater by choice! The courses are very powerful and are helping me to know myself better and relate better with others through the Tarot. Carlo has a rare sensitivity in communicating and with each course I am able to internalise concepts that perhaps in the previous meetings were not clear to me or I was simply not ‘predisposed to understand’… Just to be good to myself…:)! At the end of each course I leave with a different strength and energy, everything is clearer to me! It may seem banal to some, but I assure you that it is not… Not feeling the heaviness in your heart, soul, mind, and concrete everyday life, the problems that everyone has… Does it seem little to you? Not to me, and I can say, now and after a bit of suffering, that I am in harmony with what surrounds me…it is a sensation I haven’t felt for a long time…and, so as not to risk losing myself, when Carlo comes to my city I will continue to be a repeater!!! Thank you Carlo!
P.S.: I would also like to thank Emanuela, a dear friend of mine, who so patiently managed to convince me to start…

Sandra, Milan

I started the path with the Tarot about a year and a half ago; I had realised that there was something special, deep and wonderful about it but I never imagined that it could really be so powerful. As Carlo says, He is truly a Metaphysical Machine, without making any effort, He works for you. Every time I come out of a seminar I feel that something happens in me, something extraordinary, and each time, more and more. As for Carlo: Great Master!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the chance you are giving me.

Marzia, Como

Carlo’s professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the subject and excellent preparation make this course unique. It is not every speaker who speaks for hours and keeps the attention of the participants high. Carlo has succeeded with each of us! Sara’s elegant manners, politeness and ready availability were the backdrop to the wonderful inner journey that each person took with this course. I thank the Universe for giving me this wonderful opportunity to get to know myself and help other Souls…. Thank you from the heart,❤️

Elisa, Treviso

I had wanted to do a tarot course for a long time and when I finally made up my mind, I searched the web for various course proposals. Of all of them, Carlo Bozzelli’s impressed me immediately, so I signed up and I must say I was not wrong! So much positive energy, Carlo knows how to transmit all his incredible preparation and commitment… and taking you by the hand he accompanies you with gentle firmness on an inner journey of great depth. Thank you Carlo and Sara, it was a really good experience!

Elisabetta, Lecco

I was a bit sceptical but in the end happy and satisfied, the teacher is good and knowledgeable; moreover, the tarot reading done by the teacher was similar to a concentrated psychotherapy session!

Manuela, Milan

Excellent course. Carlo succeeds in transferring his knowledge lightly; he keeps a constant eye on the trainees’ questions, shedding light on all our doubts!

Quintina, Milan

Excellent experience, which brought about a great inner change.

Sonia, Milan

Excellent course. Carlo manages to transfer his knowledge lightly; he maintains constant attention to the questions of the trainees by shedding light on our every doubt!

Quintina, Milan

To concentrate in these few lines what Carlo’s course meant to me is not easy. Forget the idea you have of tarot and divination; make a clean slate of preconceptions that distort the right approach to using this tool. The Tarot is a path to knowing oneself, very deeply, by perceiving the desires of one’s soul. Carlo reminded me of the maieutic art of Socrates: he is able to make his pupils give birth to what they really have deep inside, helping them to understand where they have come. The Tarot instrument is to Carlo what the Dialectic was to Socrates. I recommend this path for those who wish to know themselves in depth, to meet their soul. Becoming a tarologist allows you to help others get to know themselves and grasp the exact dynamics of their existence. Thank you Carlo.

Floriana, Rome

A useful experience not only for those who are passionate about Tarot, but above all for those who want to question themselves and really get to know themselves in depth. A knowledgeable teacher who is a pleasure to listen to. A way to get in touch with people who share a similar path of evolution to ours, not easily found in everyday life. In short, an experience to be had but also one to be repeated.

Giada, Rome

I got on very well with the courses. The explanations are clear and Carlo puts a lot of passion into his teaching, giving the Tarot an even more special touch. I am very satisfied with this course because it is not only didactic but also very reflective. Moreover, the method and consideration of the Tarot is very much in line with what I was looking for. An outlook that I believe is true and should continue to expand in the collective as well. I would recommend anyone who wants to start learning about the Tarot to attend this course to really understand what they are.

Francesca, Milan

The three Major Arcana courses plus the Reading course were like a wonderful journey filled with knowledge, mystery, depth, codes to solve and spirituality. Thanks to Carlo and Sara for this fantastic journey together that I am sure will continue.

Matteo, Ferrara

Hello everyone, my name is Xavier Mounier and I had the opportunity to attend a week-long training course with Carlo Bozzelli, which took place in Luxembourg. In my life and work, I have focused on my intuition and my psychic side. This is not the only way the Tarot works! Since the training four weeks ago, I use them every day and many of the people I am consulting have given me the opportunity to be able to identify through their images, symbols and characters, together with my interpretations and explanations, the message to be conveyed. Moreover, the Tarot helps me get detailed and precise answers that I was previously only able to sense. They also help me in my personal development, which for me is crucial. In addition to my Tarot initiation, I also had a wonderful week full of humour, sharing, good humour and good memories.

Xavier, Luxembourg

My first contact with Carlo was via Skype, in a session with Tarot cards. I was immediately surprised by the kindness with which he presented the message of the arcana, but above all by his clarity. When I heard that Carlo was going to do two Tarot courses in Luxembourg, I was very pleased and attended a few months later. In these trainings I really became aware of the complexity, but above all of the great value of the Tarot. Charles opened the doors of their kingdom to me. It showed me that the Arcana are much more than what I had always imagined. I am very grateful to him. He is a man with great knowledge about Tarot and life, but also gifted with great humour, great kindness and love of heart. The Tarot has now become an integral part of my life and way of life. I would recommend anyone to do this training with Carlo, because it would bring a lot of life changes.

Christian, Luxembourg

Positive, interesting and useful experience. Carlo is clear in presenting topics and answering questions. Sara and Carlo are patient, flexible and rational in managing the group, giving a pleasant atmosphere to the time spent together.

Laura, Rome

After reading it, something in me was set in motion. I listened to the recording of the session several times and each time I found clearer and clearer messages in the words of Carlo, the Tarot spokesman, in line with what is happening. For a pragmatist like me, it takes a real act of faith in following what the cards said, and an act of faith in those who read them. I recognise that things happen if you follow what they say. You, Carlo, have a practical approach to reading and this is very important, it really helps. Life has set in motion and things are also happening at work, because my approach has changed, it is less ego-focused and more team-oriented, more aimed at those who will need it in the future. What you do, and have done with me, impresses me with each passing day, I am sure we will have more encounters. With affection and esteem.

Marco, Genoa

I have been interested in the study of Tarot for some time. I find it a useful ‘bridge’ tool with the unconscious, which does not recognise linear language and communicates with us using symbols, images and archetypes, all of which can be found in the Tarot. Carlo is a well-prepared, serious and reliable teacher, who uses methodological teaching, clear language and is therefore accessible to both beginners and those with previous experience. A guide on the journey of knowledge of topics and meanings related to the path of tarological study. He is patient with the many questions, doubts, curiosities that arise in the room from students during a course. With pleasure I also extend my compliments to Sara, for her precision, courtesy and politeness.

Matteo, Rome

Thanks to the courses, I am realising the importance of this monumental and timeless work, which demands from those who approach it a feeling of reverence and humility. Being figures and not written words, the necessary approach to learn is to look at life with new eyes, finding the correspondence between these eternal Arcana and daily life and recognising the Magic in action at all times.

Maria Cristina, Verona

A BEAUTIFUL experience, important for inner growth and for going into the interiority of others, into the depths of being.

Pietro Carlo, Verona

Profound experience and great teaching generosity.

Emanuela, Padua

Well, what can I say… Carlo, as usual, explains very clearly…..excellent teacher :-))!

Graziella, Bolzano

I felt accompanied on this journey into the world of the Tarot. The route is fascinating: it opens up and integrates the different rooms that ‘inhabit’ us and broadens our view of knowledge.
I thank the Academy for its soul-searching in the labyrinth of the Tarot.

Roberta, Verona

I was amazed at the ability of these icons to really get into people’s souls so that they can improve their lives. I also feel heartened because I can count on this Tarot connection for any help. It is a new but so real and powerful method. Thanks to the Academy that loves it and is passing it on.

Laura, Verona

I felt cared for, welcomed; the context in which the courses take place does not only offer teaching, this is fundamental. I am glad I took these classes, more than a course, they turned out to be a path. Thank you for this experience.

Ilaria, Verona

As a very positive, exciting and engaging first approach.

Antonella, Verona

Really good experience, very helpful group. Great cohesion with the teacher. Carlo Bozzelli is very knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend this Tarot Course to everyone for personal and collective growth. Thank you.

Maria Teresa, Verona

I started with the Academy last year in November. The encounter with the Tarot was magical and had been waiting for me all along. Carlo is a loving and incredibly knowledgeable teacher, capable of conveying the essence of this wonderful instrument and guiding you, in the best possible way, to experience it on a daily basis. This experiential journey with the Academy continues and is always evolving, like Carlo and like each of us. Studying the Tarot at this school has given a great turnaround to my life that had been stuck and stagnant for some time; although still in flux, my existence is now taking an unexpected direction and this is thanks to the study, practice and valuable support of this teaching. The Tarot is becoming my main tool for service, but also for understanding what happens to me day in and day out. The road is long, but it is a fascinating journey alongside the wonderful Carlo and Sara. Thank you for spreading this profound teaching, thank you for your passion and constant dedication. With love,

Desirée, Rome

My experience with tarot cards came by ‘chance’. I started the course with Carlo Bozzelli out of curiosity, although I had resistance that prevented me from investing energy in the in-depth study of a subject that I felt was fascinating but insidious. Along the way, I realised that in order to handle such a powerful means of introspective investigation as the tarot, it is indispensable to enlist the help of an expert guide. Carlo’s seminars offer the opportunity to explore vast and fascinating horizons, in complete safety, because the approach he conveys is extremely reassuring and rational. Many thanks to Carlo and Sara.

Alessia, Rome

It was a profound and all-encompassing experience, the encounter with the power of the Tarot is simply magical, it takes you to higher dimensions to become the tool to understand and comprehend your life path. Carlo’s skill and expertise help to fully understand the essence. Thank you Carlo and Sara for this wonderful trip.

Patrizia, Rome

For me, it has been a journey, made with extreme respect for my time, towards greater presence, which is fundamental to understanding this discipline, and a consequent newfound awareness of myself and my surroundings. Although, deep down, I realise that it is only the first step towards a longer journey, which I can, however, face with one more tool, powerful and sincere.

Marianna, Milan

It was a very powerful and at the same time reassuring experience, a caress for the soul that finally feels heard. In the tarot you see your story written. The project you want to realise is there in front of you; you realise that there is still time to change things, unhealthy habits. The furrows traced in your mind can, with perseverance and will, be lightened and replaced by better thoughts. I am very grateful to you. Thank you.

Cinzia, Rome

A positive experience that allowed me to get to know a new and fascinating world, thanks above all to the professionalism and passion that Carlo manages to convey.I will certainly continue to attend the courses also because of the friendship and sympathy that has been created with the other participants.

Susanna, Rome

I resumed the practice of the Tarot after a few months’ break….I found the course, if possible, even more accurate, precise, profound. Despite being a ‘repeater’ I learnt new things, very useful for my practice. I also found the teaching material and organisation much improved…Carlo Bozzelli, Sara and their collaborators managed to improve something that was already practically perfect! I can only say “Thank you!!!”

Emma, Rome

In a fun atmosphere with a strong sense of teamwork, we addressed and analysed extremely intense and profound topics.
Each time I leave enriched in my soul as well as in the technical competence of this tool.

Alberto, Rome

It was an extraordinary experience. Little by little, under Carlo’s guidance, the meaning of the arcana became as clear and elementary as reading a book. Obviously on your own it will not be that easy but, with practice and study (as with everything), I am sure I can reach a good level. I thank Carlo and Sara for their generosity and patience. I hope to arrive at the next seminar ready to acquire the next valuable Tarot teachings.

Emanuela, Milan

I no longer know how many courses I have attended, I mean a few words a little metaphorically…I am a little overweight because, like many people from Emilia, I am quite greedy…..Carlo is the best Dietologist…. (capital D) that exists … and that I have ever known because after each of his courses you come back feeling like you have also exercised, not just mentally. You are as light as a feather, as if you had lost a lot of kilos…..but really a lot, and especially the ones that are hardest to get rid of! A word to the wise, as the saying goes… A hug,

Massimo, Bologna

The experience with this discipline is something that surprises and amazes. Although I have a certain predisposition to approach even that which does not fit into common logic, when faced with this subject matter the wonder was immense. Discover the scientificity, the depth, the accuracy of details that speak of who we are. An adventure that leads you to change your perspective on life and our universe, interwoven with synchronicities in which the game of life is played out.

Roberta, Vicenza

The Major Arcana route taken with Carlo is one that is difficult to explain in a few lines. Awareness of these lessons is a value you rediscover as you go along. You are taken by the hand and accompanied in a pragmatic way to discover the codes and laws of this wonderful and ancient gift that is the Tarot. Understand how the obvious things are the most difficult to see and it is limiting to assert that this is only one path to reading the Tarot. In a masterly, simple way, with exemplary clarity of exposition, Carlo helps you like a good father to get up and take small steps towards this knowledge. Le modalità così oggettive, scientifiche e razionali del suo approccio sono rispettose della necessità di veicolare la nostra razionalità verso la parte più autentica di noi. You never feel lost, and the concrete and practical references help you to ‘bring down to earth’ everything that so often, in so many other cases, risks being a philosophy that stays too high to carry into everyday life. Carlo reveals the objective evidence, the practical key, the etymology of an ancient language that speaks to us of a simple game that we insist on complicating: Life. Indeed, in unveiling the Tarot, you have the clear perception that the curtains of a much larger game are being unveiled. Thank you Carlo and Sara, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this journey which, as far as I am concerned, will certainly not stop here. Best regards,

Francesco, Bologna

It was a beautiful experience led with great competence, grace and gentleness.

Chiara, Bologna

It was a fantastic experience, I learnt so much. I enjoyed the harmony and the sharing with other people who, like me, have a passion for tarot. Carlo was a wonderful teacher, always careful to make us understand every concept with simplicity. I thank Sara for her sweetness and helpfulness. Thank you all.

Concetta, Bari

The encounter with the Tarot, through Carlo Bozzelli, meant personally being able to touch an instrument of enormous power with respect to self-awareness as well as listening to others. My initial high degree of scepticism quickly turned into a desire to want to walk the entire path of knowledge proposed by the Tarot Academy and, if possible, go even further.

Aldo, Florence

Tarot, another demonstration that there is only one Truth.

Laura, Biella

Of all the paths taken so far, it is the only one that has accompanied me profoundly in a real change in self-knowledge, just as a father accompanies a daughter. Since the Tarot came into my life four years ago with the online course, my life has changed for the better. It is a path that I highly recommend in order to touch one’s soul and begin to really listen to it. In addition, Carlo and Sara are two special people who carry this school forward with passion and commitment.

Lucia, Rimini

Coming into contact with the Tarot has been a unique and extremely important experience that is helping me to connect and better understand different aspects of my personality. The Tarot is magical, it makes you take a closer look at things and situations with a different gaze. A look that goes deep inside and changes you. The perception of the world changes, but first of all the perception of oneself changes. The Tarot is a path, it is our life, and it is a faithful and reliable companion that teaches how to ‘heal’ and improve all those who absorb its teachings and energy.

Anna, Milan

It was a unique experience. The Tarot read from a completely different perspective than usual. The tarot speaks to you, accompanies you, sometimes even cuddles you. These were exciting days, eagerly awaited from one meeting to the next. I found myself in a particularly close-knit, welcoming team. To this day, we still write to each other, we meet to continue on the path that studying the Tarot has shown us. Thank you Carlo for your expertise; and to you Sara for your empathy.

Ester, Milan

The Tarot is really an atlas, looking at it with appropriate eyes you see that it synthesises the globality of the human being.It expresses itself through icons, images, and much more, useful for the logical and spiritual aspect.Translator of an ancient language: metaphysics. So I discovered that tarology is a multifaceted universe, in the sense that it has an erudite and multidimensional language and knowledge. My experience with the Tarot Academy was that I met a serious and truly prepared Tarot professional: Carlo Bozzelli. The purpose of his explanations and teachings was to offer and make available knowledge about the Tarot in the most illuminating way possible, i.e. with comprehensive clarity. Listening to the students’/consultants’ questions, Carlo tried to eliminate or at least reduce the discomfort or impatience related to everyone’s problems with everyday events, unblocking the people involved and arranging them in sections or topics according to criteria of logic and coherence. I now recognise the ability that a tarologist must possess in terms of welcoming listening; the need to discern whether the questions asked are of an inner nature or relational and projective problems. I now recognise the difference with the old, faded ‘futurist’ fortune-tellers. Tarology is capable of activating and stimulating the potential gifts and inner talents of the consultant, restoring his or her freedom in the here and now. The Tarologist knows how to handle a request for help, both professionally and ethically. I appreciated, I am grateful, now I know I can trust.

Niccolò, Milan

The course was very interesting, a unique experience in which I not only got to know the tarot better, but I was also able to learn to recognise the synchronicities, the power and the magic of this unique and special tool which, when listened to, helps a lot and offers a lot of food for thought.

Sonia, Milan

It was an important part of my spiritual growth. Often during the lessons I have heard pieces of different learnings, of paths previously travelled, and that connected by the light of the Tarot represent a map to follow, a journey to undertake, but with a new awareness. Thank you Carlo, for the exceptional sensitivity with which you bestow such a high level of knowledge.

Santina, Piacenza

Carlo is an excellent speaker, conveying all his profound knowledge on the subject. He is attentive, thorough in his exposition of topics and every note, digression and observation is focused, comprehensive and never left to chance. It makes you fall in love with the topic and takes you into a world filled with meanings, signs and synchronicities that lead you to the soul of the Tarot. Sara, his close collaborator, supports the entire group with her gentleness and silent presence. Valuable help. Thank you.

Cristina, Milan

I began this journey to the Tarot not being clear where it would take me. Today I have the answer: he accompanied me on an INNER journey where I got in touch with my soul through archetypes. A huge thank you to Carlo Bozzelli who conducted the course with great professionalism, making me experience the intense magic of the Tarot… A heartfelt thank you to the very sweet Sara, the Papesse…

Angela, Milan

I thought I had signed up for a course to learn how to read Tarot cards, but instead I found myself embarking on a journey into the deep. I have discovered that the Tarot is much more versatile than I thought. And I discovered that the future and divination are the least interesting aspect of this prodigious tool.

Cinzia, Milan

A wonderful discovery, a set of codes that open you up to a dynamic, profound and real world! Simply Thank You!!!!

Giuseppina, Cremona

Carlo does not keep the promises he makes. He exceeds them magnificently, beyond all limits. And always. More than a course on the Tarot, Carlo’s suggested installation is a path on yourself. You look for the Tarot. You find the beauty of your life. Carlo is a generous teacher and in love with the subject. I recommend all of his courses, not only to delve deeper into the study of the Tarot, but to actually experience the shining example of a powerful guide in a state of grace.

Alfredo, Naples

Curiosity was the mainspring that drove me to attend this course, but what I was able to acquire and experience is much more than a ‘life’ lesson. The voice of the Tarot reaches the soul and speaks to the soul, revealing what the mind and heart know, revealing itself in a fascinating and immediate code, dense with history and culture, repository of a millenary and still recent knowledge. Each card can reveal the symbolic and the real at the same time, the archetype that embodies each of us and sets us on the path to happiness, the good to which each of us deeply aspires. Carlo is a master. Not just an expert and scholar who passes on this passion and expertise with devotion and respect: a teacher who encourages each student to observe his or her own destiny with lucidity, in the here and now, and to become familiar with the signals, the synchronicities, that make every life so special and worth living. I feel infinite gratitude towards this beautiful intelligence and the one who has the gift of being able to pass it on.

Debora, Cecina

It was a truly incredible experience. Undoubtedly the training course I attended that involved me the most, both on an intellectual level and, above all, on an emotional and spiritual level. I thank Carlo for teaching us in a very professional, yet simple and effective way how to use this incredible tool. His course has left me with so much. Also a great desire to continue on this journey!
Thank you Carlo!!!

Paola, Bibbona

The seminar opens up a profound and rich vision and knowledge of the Tarot.
The discipline is conveyed with passion and great professionalism, along with careful and clear communication that strips away the Tarot, showing its essence and potential in order to embark on a path of awareness and expression of the soul.
The experience is inspiring and also very valuable from a human point of view. Thank you.

Andrea, Rome

Thanks to Carlo and Sara it was an engaging experience from the knowledge and from the human point of view. Not just a course to add to the list but THE course I would recommend to anyone who wants to see deep inside themselves and others. Eleonora, Rome

The courses taught by Carlo Bozzelli are extremely objective, clear and very enlightening. For the first time I had a high-level approach with the Tarot and I sincerely feel that a transformation has begun in my being.

Katia, Brasile

Courses with Carlo Bozzelli are an opportunity for growth, evolution, study, knowledge, and deep reflection. I am happy to have met Carlo and Sara and to have these always new and exciting study experiences. The courses are really well designed, following them is easy, there are also visual aids and teaching materials. An atmosphere of respect, enthusiasm and friendship is created in the classroom. I wish to become a trained and professional Tarologist, and after a year of study and commitment in the Academy, thanks to Carlo’s teachings, I am reaping the first fruits in both my personal and working life: in fact, I have started working as a Tarologist, and I already have a group of Consultants to whom I dedicate myself with gratitude and joy.

Francesca, Milan

Simplicity becomes the bridge that connects to the depths of essence.

Daniela, Naples

It is the discovery of a new planet, and even if you do it just out of curiosity, it is really a great introspective work that will definitely make you evolve. I recommend it to those who want to understand more about themselves and, why not, even catch a magical world. Carlo is a teacher who can really convey a lot, combining his analytical approach with a purely spiritual one. What I appreciated most was his discretion and humility even in dealing with edgy issues. Thank you Carlo and Sara!

Rosy, Milan

I have found “home”!!! The path and Tarot reading with Carlo came, thanks also to my friend Elena, at the right time in my life for a further and important evolutionary change. Carlo’s knowledge, seriousness, professionalism but most of all “feeling” in teaching Tarot goes straight to the heart and soul!!!
Thank you!

Moira, Cavalese

I learned about the Tarot Academy through a friend, and after some time I decided to attend the Major Arcana path. For me it was a great revelation, to see how this tool is so comprehensive and cross-cutting, full of such unique and special meanings, helped me to implement a great personal analysis that is leading me to an unexpected evolution. In addition, Carlo is a special teacher as well as a truly enlightened and enlightening guide, just as Sara is truly an angel who with her beauty, elegance and kindness organizes everything to perfection!!!!

Laura, Iseo

It was my debut with the world of tarot, thanks to Carlo I was fascinated by it and it changed my life in some way. I sincerely thank Carlo and Sara

Anna, Milan

It was a very important experience for me. I was able to grow up. Really you grow through dialogue with the arcana. You enter their portals and they enter you. Thank you very much Carlo. Thank you very much Sara.

Stefania, Milan

I approached a world completely unknown to me with curiosity and openness. Carlo with his vast background has been able to satisfy this curiosity gradually in a deeper and deeper way; he manages to capture your attention and stimulate your curiosity with the history of tarot cards, with ancient Egyptian symbolism and its deities, he then manages to unite multiple cultures and ancient knowledge, and slowly takes you deeper and deeper until you reach the discovery of the Soul. In this journey, however, he does not lose touch with science; modern knowledge of neurophysiology, the workings of the human brain, psychology and the workings of human emotions, human behavior and its deviations. Personally then, the experience of a Tarot reading stimulated deep reflection and produced clarity on a very important block in my life; it gave me direction, and now the journey begins…

David, Switzerland

The path taken with the Major Arcana is a beautiful personal journey within Self. Carlo is a great lecturer and connoisseur of the subject matter, he knows how to convey it in the right timing and uses metaphors and examples that are so easy to translate, including principles of quantum physics, into language that is accessible to everyone. One senses tremendous knowledge but knows what to give/say at the right time and understandable to the whole group that is in the classroom. The arcana are a world, their magic is in gradually removing the veil that we have been dressing all along. They are true bearers of Light.
The organization is impeccable and credit is due to Sara, an unobtrusive presence who leaves nothing to chance. Thank you Carlo, a goodbye to the next step

Eleonora, Milan

I began this journey with enormous enthusiasm. A wonderful “journey” of discovering paths made more and more visible by learning the Tarot…..Ever more enthusiastic.

Patrizia, Milan

Beautiful course, Carlo manages to explain the most difficult things with disarming simplicity, and in the idea of expanding knowledge and then making it available to the being, he stands as a model to follow.

Piero, Switzerland

I am satisfied with this path. Carlo is very good and knowledgeable. I thank him because he has provided me with the knowledge of such a powerful tool that can introduce and improve certain aspects of personality. Obviously the path requires further study, commitment, but I really hope I can live up to it so that people who one day come to me for guidance from the Tarot can improve some aspects of their lives. Thank you Carlo.

Concetta, Milan

The course on the Major Arcana was a profound and exciting experience. Carlo transfers his knowledge and being with clarity, love for what he does, and lots and lots of gentleness.

Maurizia, Switzerland

An intense experience of (re)discovering the path of the soul. Thank you.

Paola, Milan

Intriguing, mentally, like a chess game, enlightening to the soul!

Rita, Milan

The course with Carlo Bozzelli was a world-opening experience for me and a great life lesson. In addition to Carlo’s excellent preparation, I appreciated his great ability to convey the content clearly, making continuous connections with great fluency and, above all, with a systematic way of proceeding that is neither a small thing nor within everyone’s reach!

Daniela, Milan

I am a counselor-in-training and learned about the Tarot Academy through a series of synchronicities; I am glad I caught them and thus was able to attend the Major Arcana course. Carlo is not only a wonderful teacher but also a personality that can touch the soul. In my spiritual journey it was undoubtedly one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences for me. I will continue with the advanced courses and hope one day to be able to use the Tarot as a tool to help others by integrating it with counseling. Thank you.

Malika, Bergamo

I very much wanted to repeat this seminar, with the knowledge that for my personal growth it would be an important milestone. I realize that the Tarot, through Carlo, is making itself known a little at a time. For me it was once again a special experience. I can’t define how I feel, there’s this connection to the heart that makes me feel clean and ready to start again. I can only thank Carlo and Sara for the generosity and skill with which they impart their knowledge.

Luigina, Vicenza

After so many research experiences, Carlo’s seminars settled many pieces that wandered between the mind and the heart. After the first course, for at least 2 years, I lived inside an oxygen bubble that helped me transit over the cloaca that had become my life. The work is still long, there is still a long way to go, but I am beginning to feel like a full-time disciple and not just at seminar times…

Carla, Vicenza

I repeated the course: it was a profound experience; it brought new understandings and clarity in myself.
Once again I was surprised and fascinated by this powerful and magical tool of Inner Knowledge. Thank you!

Maria, Vicenza

The Major Arcana course is a fascinating journey of self-discovery, and Carlo is an excellent guide to that end. A knowledgeable and capable speaker, he managed to keep my attention throughout the course and stimulate my curiosity, as only a few people in the past have managed to do. Experience I would recommend to anyone who wants to grow, improve and better understand their deepest selves.

Samuele, Switzerland

Tarot study can generally be a beautiful experience that one might decide to do in order to expand one’s knowledge as part of a path… But done with Carlo it changes guise, it can become the beginning of a journey, the choice to look out a window that can allow a transformation….maybe the only desirable transformation: the dialogue between Soul and Personality. Participating in his courses becomes an enlightening experience, made unique thanks to the deep preparation, the capacity for empathy, the humility and seriousness with which he conducts his teachings that involve without reservation…One perceives the added value of “knowledge”, quite different from information… Really congratulations!!! Thanks to Sara for her kindness and helpfulness. Thank you!!!

Lucia, Vicenza

The journey through the Major Arcana was wonderful and helped me see reality and the plots that weave people’s paths from a different perspective. The light the Tarot brings on the vicissitudes of life and the layers of the person is disarming.

Manuel, Verona

Carlo and Sara are two outstanding people. Kind, extremely competent, they take care of every detail, and have a keen sensitivity that still allows them to be incisive in teaching. The course is a powerful and unique evolution tool. I recommend it without any perplexity to all those who feel like working deeply on themselves, searching for their soul.

Eleonora, Belluno

I got to know Carlo through his writings and later enrolled in the Academy’s courses. There is no comparison between the Tarot matter taught by “others” and the same one explained or, better said, unveiled by Carlo; it is like drinking directly from the source, the water is fresher and definitely cleaner, purer. The knowledge transmitted is authentic and always verified by historical facts. I highly recommend the courses to those who want to delve into the Tarot discipline both out of a desire to better understand themselves and their inner journey and to learn the authentic reading of the arcana.

Marco, Pesaro

Following my intuition, I enrolled in Carlo Bozzelli’s courses after listening to one of his Tarot lectures. It was like entering a world of knowledge that proved to be both universal and particular. I savored the depth of the ancient teaching that the Tarot carries and Carlo’s deep commitment, his passion, the gentleness of his approach to the students, the rigor and authenticity of his person that come from his love of continuous research, and his sincere desire to pass on a valuable tool. I feel that my outlook toward myself and the world has been enriched with new visions, cleaned of the superfluous by broadening and directing my attention. As I study and experiment, new aspects and new desire to deepen are continually revealed to me, connections with previously made paths become clear to me as if the Tarot has a unifying function and simultaneously stimulates research. I greatly appreciate the neutrality that accompanies the reading and allows for an authentic relationship with the consultant, the true protagonist of the self-search. I sincerely thank Carlo for the serene, loving, reflective, respectful and meditative atmosphere that frames his teaching, allowing us to go beyond what we “know about ourselves” and open ourselves to the unveiling of “what we did not see.” Many thanks also to Sara, a most delicate presence who followed us behind the scenes with helpfulness and promptness, always providing what was requested without asking for anything. I am really happy to have taken this path of knowledge and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know themselves beyond personality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nadia, Verona

Very formative experience. The questions asked by “trainees” can touch deep and intimate parts. And the answers that come from the Tarot can be useful to other participants as well. Thus, not only a technical aspect inherent in reading emerges, but also a spiritual aspect that is useful in dealing with various situations in life.

Gianfranco, Cuneo

I am very satisfied with the path of knowledge that the Tarot Academy has put and continues to put forth with loving care and real sharing!

Veronica, Orbetello

An extraordinary experience of connecting with one’s higher self, just as extraordinarily precise and rich in depth is the Tarot reading presented by Carlo Bozzelli. All my prior knowledge on the subject has been unhinged by a new vision and focus on symbols and icons. Thus the readings that emerge are completely different from the “guessing” of simple fortune-tellers. Carlo is a professional, he leads you by the hand through this maze of meanings making them easily accessible even to those who are not very knowledgeable, and the whole experience transforms you to the core!

Luigi, Rome

I can only say magnificent! I am very happy to have participated in the course, it has helped me a lot in my private and working life…I will continue with the courses from you :-), in fact I am looking forward to registering for the next seminars…
I apologize for the errors, since I am already 42 years living in Luxembourg I lost my words a bit…I can only recommend your course!

Sonia, Luxembourg

Enlightening, inexhaustible source of inspiration, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Patrizia, Rome

It was a truly soul-expanding experience. Thank you!!!

Alessia, Rome

My experience has been more than positive. The course is fantastic, Carlo is an excellent teacher and provides all the knowledge needed to navigate the immense labyrinth that is the Tarot, a labyrinth in which you are likely to find yourself and come out transformed.

Giuseppe, Naples

Thank you Carlo and Sara, I had a wonderful experience with you, it is a rarity to meet such kindness and professionalism. The path I have started thanks to you will hopefully take me to that wonderful number XXI. While waiting to meet you for future courses, I invite those who read these words of mine to believe that there is always something more beautiful to know, and the Tarot Academy is a wonderful knowledge.

Anna, Rome

A special thanks for the last course…I have no words to express the well-being it left me inside. Each time, it seems impossible, but it is always something more!…To call “magical atmosphere” what is created in those halls is extremely reductive but I cannot find a more fitting term….The all-encompassing magic of children’s dreams…where everything seems possible to you, where everything is possible.

Maila, Castiglioncello

I am 76 years old and have had the opportunity to have many beautiful and very interesting experiences in the field of spiritual search. That of the encounter with the Tarot of Marseille is unique and very difficult to summarize in a few lines. Carlo conveyed this “treasure” to us with a simplicity and clarity that go hand in hand with the depth of his teaching. And with great sweetness. With the same great gentleness, and not leaving out anything that could help us, in just a few meetings, he allowed us, as the first obvious result, a wonderful group experience. Within the group each of the participants was personally involved (but always with the support and affection , tangible, of everyone else). Involvement only beneficial, bringing greater clarity in the immediate term, also bringing CERTAINTY: other, more important results will follow.

Catherine, Rome

The Tarot is commonly and superficially regarded as a divinatory tool: “What will the future tell me about this or that and the other subject?” Well, I have suspected for years an ongoing inconsistency between the common “feel” and what Tarot really is. With Carlo Bozzelli I learned in a clear, precise and wonderful way that the Tarot is a discipline, a language with its own dictionary, its own syntax; it is really a tool aimed at everyone because it is essential to have a logical predisposition and not unknown magic, mere sensation or “being psychic,” but a rigorous scientific approach. Tarot is aimed at all those who want to learn how to manage personality, all those who want to align with their soul. The Tarot is a powerful and effective tool for feeling, touching, and seeing deep into our emotional gaps because the connection between our soul and who we are and where we want to go will become a sharper and sharper picture. The Tarot is the awakening toward awareness and as Carlo explains toward enthusiasm, abundance, and freedom of the soul. The Major Arcana are 21 plus one, archetypes: that’s us. Simply, deeply we. Carlo humble, precious, wonderful guide, soft and incisive teacher explained to us that to look at the Tarot is to look at where we are in our journey and what meaning we want to give to our existence. Immerse ourselves in the truth, talk to the Unconscious and bring forth a map to direct us to the true destination. I advise anyone who wants to see and feel life living and change it to approach the Tarot. I thank Carlo and Sara for being present, attentive and patient.

Pamela, Rome

A presentation of the tarot that differs from the usual superficially personalized interpretations because it follows a rigor supported by timely historical references and esoteric tradition. A very well-rounded course that succeeds in leading by the hand anyone who wants to delve into the vast world of the Tarot, of being human, and ultimately of oneself.

Giuseppe, Milan

Greatly empowering experience and encounter, both for the innumerable amount of stimuli and reflections solicited, and for the amazing connection that Carlo’s rigorous and heartfelt approach transfuses at multiple levels. It is worth far more than what it costs…and this is coming from someone who certainly cannot splurge!

Loris, Lodi

Unique experience with rigorous and precise approach to Tarot, with the utmost seriousness and respect for each participant. A great enrichment, a unique opportunity to get in touch with oneself through the transmission of principles of knowledge without any moral judgment.

Adelaide, Turin

A very well-structured course full of references and insights for responsible personal growth with an eye always on the person.

Maria Antonietta, Rome

Experience far beyond expectations. Having in mind a rather rational approach, based on curiosity about the symbol and a deepening of knowledge , I was pleasantly surprised to discover the potential for evolution in awareness offered by this tool. Of course, credit to the teacher, who conveys with superior vibrations his obvious passion for the subject and for being human. And it is also super-technological: excellent multimedia support used. Complimenting you on your excellent work seems reductive, I rather prefer to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful experience.

Silvia, Rome

Good, as a first experience. Professional … you are good.

Stefania, Rome

Amazing experience: I fell in love with the Tarot!

Cristina, Rome

A path that, in addition to extensive theoretical-practical training, opens up the possibility of greater understanding of oneself and one’s internal dynamics. Topics are covered in a thorough but also entertaining and passionate manner.

Vivienne, Rome

Fascinating experience.

Serafina, Rome

Excellent course, with clear and comprehensive course material.

Laura, Bergamo

Approached the Tarot “by chance” (or rather by significant coincidence, i.e., synchronicity) four months ago, I was fascinated and turned on deep inside by this Metaphysical Machine. Disarming how such profound and important concepts are presented with such simplicity. Thank you Carlo for your passion and help in finding MY MAISON DIEV.

Giuseppe, Rome

Deep experience in protected environment. One of the few places where the soul does not succumb to personality.

Max, Milan

Dear Carlo and Sara, this experience has been the most meaningful experience I have ever faced so far, I want to thank you for all you do, your work is invaluable. These courses are a boon to any person ready to open the door to a more meaningful and profound life. I can say that it is the launching pad to an inner awakening and beyond. Hugs to you.

Cristian, Bergamo

Extraordinary! I will definitely repeat some classes to better assimilate the course content…Thank you Carlo and thank you Sara!

Manuel, Bergamo

Fantastic and very rich experience, quality of teaching EXCELLENT! Perfect quality of organization, thanks to Charles and Sara! I will repeat the same courses at least three times because they are so powerful and so interesting! All my gratitude and thanks for the generosity of information! truly the TOP!

Sophie, Saint-Tropez

The Academy is a life experience, the approach to this tool triggers with wonderful delicacy an expansion of one’s Consciousness. It is a very powerful tool that Carlo knows how to convey by degrees. That is why I would recommend it to anyone who feels the desire to approach the Tarot to learn more about themselves but also for any other motivation.

Elisa, Monza e Brianza

These meetings were more than a course in learning to read the Tarot, they were an opening of the heart and deep, inner growth. A meeting place where I was able to recognize myself and which reinforced in me the vision of how we often have prejudices about topics we know superficially. All thanks to the purity of Carlo and Sara. Carlo embodies the teacher I always wanted to meet, who shows you the way with his heart and through his experience allows you to understand how to walk it. Sara epitomizes gentleness, hospitality and friendliness. Beyond the opportunity to know and understand a superior communication tool like the Tarot, I experienced the atmosphere of deep communication among all the people present. This is the richness of these meetings made by Sara and Carlo.

Eleonora, Rome

I have fallen deeply in love with the Tarot and it is now an integral part of my life. The course was a path that allowed me to see new pieces of me and understand where I am at in my life. Carlo is magnificent. His lectures were clear, concise and very entertaining. It does not teach you how to read the Tarot, but takes you through the encounter and integration with this powerful tool. I will continue my path because it is a true gift I give to myself.

Valeria, Brescia

I took the complete course of the Major Arcana in the online mode. I confirm the positive opinion I had from the beginning. It is a very interesting, content-rich and engaging course, explained clearly and precisely. It is not just a Tarot reading course, but a real path of knowledge. The online mode has many merits such as being able to take notes in peace, stop the video to reflect, and retrieve some information from previous lessons. I am satisfied and will attend the Academy’s other proposed courses as well.

Rossana, Milan

Carlo’s divulgative skills are first-rate. Clarity of expression and lucidity of exposition, never boring. It denotes great respect for the subject and arouses great interest around it. In a word: essential. Absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to progress on the path to self-knowledge.

Massimiliano, Milan

I was looking for a course that would bring me closer to Tarot that would initially moderate the divinatory and intuitive view because I have no special gifts (there are psychic and more gifted people). Starting from a more logical aspect helped me to understand well and focus on both the symbolism and the key words of the cards…leaving for last my mental which is sometimes not very objective! I would listen to Bozzelli for hours…there are still so many, too many too many things to learn, but it will never end, and maybe that is the beauty of it!!! This course has made me want to learn more about the various aspects of this world. It is a truly fascinating journey within oneself (understanding the various dynamics of one’s life) and a means also to “help” others…Studying the arcana step by step activated in me some dormant connections and emotions…Two or three arcana, in particular, brought me very strong emotions, as if something was being reopened within me to be healed. Working on the arcana made me see and experience them as new friends! In short, my expectations were exceeded…Thank you very much.

Elisabetta, Genoa