I have the deep belief
that costs much more not
pursue its own
research rather
than to follow it.

Carlo Bozzelli

The Founder

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As a translator of Tarot Intelligence, I will help you connect directly with your innermost Voice, to steer you in the right direction in every domain of your life.
By making decisions in line with your true nature you will not be an inert and passive spectator but an active and conscious creator of your destiny.

The beginning of my journey

Driven by an intimate sense of unease with life, I have always investigated the joy of meaning and truth through the exploration of mysticism and metaphysics.

The Tarot, which attracted my attention from a young age, has always been the central pivot of my studies. Until my thirties I worked as a veterinarian and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Following deep inner changes, I abandoned the more ordinary path and dedicated myself completely to my research. I have travelled, in Italy and abroad, on the track of a knowledge that, preserved yet accessible, however hidden, I consider indispensable for anyone.

I have thus met teachers and masters, from different traditions, thanks to whom I have penetrated into the heart of a millenary teaching, the one enshrined in the symbolism of the Tarot.

I founded the Academy with the intention of conveying the true nature of these icons, a powerful means of connecting with the soul.

I have restored, and printed with the publisher Dal Negro, the Tarot of Nicolas Conver, whom I consider the authentic reference model of this science.

I have published texts such as “The Tarot Code” (Anima editions, 2012), “The Tarot, the Secret Gospel” (Edizioni Mediterranee, 2014), “Contemplate by coloring” (self publishing, 2016), “The Codes of Change” (Edizioni Mediterranee, 2019) and, conducting workshops and conferences both in Italy and abroad, I continue with love and passion to spread this age-old wisdom.

Tarot and Publications

Thanks to the experience gained through years of study and activity, as well as being the author of some important publications, I have personally restored and published the beautiful tarot cards published by Dal Negro.

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What our students think

I have been following the Tarot of Marseille courses held by Carlo for 1 year and a half now and I can say with certainty that they are one of the most involving experiences of my life.
It is unusual to be accompanied by Arcana; it is like living in a permanent destabilization that goes toward its own intrinsic composition. Tarot puts blood back into circulation after oxygenating it
The Academy courses have been a journey full of surprises and revealed secrets. Step by step I have discovered new tools to always carry with me.
In a fun atmosphere with a strong sense of teamwork, we addressed and analysed extremely intense and profound topics. Each time I leave enriched in my soul as well as in the technical competence of this tool.