Mantra of Abundance

We present Shreem Brzee, a Sanskrit mantra of Abundance, connected in the Tarot to arcane XVI, La Maison Diev.

The God House (known as The Tower) is the archetype of Abundance, Joy, Opportunity, a divine Palace in which everything becomes possible.

Let us join in the commitment to recite the mantra Shreem Brzee together. to dissolve and cleanse the poverty consciousness so prevalent in the world. Not only do we feel that we have less and have to work harder, but we feel the pressure of having to sacrifice to get what we need, rather than simply being and living. When such a state, induced by the pressures exerted by the whole system on our perception, is particularly relevant or when it is forced upon an entire culture by another dominant culture, the resulting mental condition is not only crystallized in the era in which it occurs but is transmitted from generation to generation.

Sanskrit is not a language of definitions but a language of energy. By pronouncing the words, a change is created by penetrating a specific energy field.

Shreem is a word connected to the goddess Lakshmi, who in Hindu tradition is the giver of all good things: well-being, long life, good health, good friends and opportunities. The power of this ancient deity is returning to the world and bringing its gifts. Whenever you pronounce Shreem, you are invoking the goddess of prosperity, not only for money but also for health, wisdom, kind words and kind acts, which are as many forms of abundance.

Brzee is a difficult term to describe and is generally translated as cushion. It is, in fact, a kind of Divine Residence.

By pronouncing Shreem Brzee you invite the goddess Lakshmi into your heart, which becomes the palace of which Brzee is the throne, or the royal cushion, on which the goddess sits. The mantra can be recited with different intentions: on a personal level, your heart becomes His royal pillow; on a planetary level, the Earth itself is transformed into His throne.

These words convey His energy that obliterates the consciousness of poverty, impoverishment and dissolves the problems related to money, health, welfare, opening all of us, and the whole planet, to Prosperity, Abundance, Peace of Mind.

Sit quietly for 10 minutes, once or twice a day and, visualizing in the mind Maha Lakshmi or Maison Diev, recite with us: Shreem Brzee.

Guard and carry the Maison Diev card with you. Whenever you feel the fear of not succeeding, of not having sufficient means to realize yourself, stop what you are doing and, visualizing the image of the House God, begin to recite the mantra, even quickly. In this way, replacing fear with the energy of Lakshmi and the archetype, let them be with you and rock you like a wave carrying the boat.

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