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Luxembourg Astrological Psychology Reading

You can reserve your place by paying an advance of 100 euro, or by paying the full fee immediately.

If you have already attended the same course, you can repeat it at a significantly lower price by selecting the ‘pay repeat’ option.

The cost for the repetition is € 300

The workshop consists of two days of lessons.
Here are the details

11 Rue de la Boucherie - Librarie Scarabaeus
2/3 December 2023
Saturday: 10:00 – 18:30 / Sunday 10:00 – 18:30

 100,00 350,00


The Astrological Psychology Reading course is reserved for those who have completed the relevant theoretical course.

In this experiential seminar we will focus on examining your evolutionary and spiritual level according to the criteria of ancient esoteric psychology.

Through this age-old science, which preceded modern psychology, you will identify the Labour, i.e. the Trial you are going through at that moment.

This is what is described in the ancient Tibetan Tradition as the stage of development along the Path of Discipleship.

In practice, the events of concrete and daily life, translated into a symbolic dimension, will show you the exact phase you are facing. This awareness will allow you to understand the true meaning of the dynamics that happen to you, providing you with a precise resolution key both on a practical and inner level.

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  • How to formulate the question in the most correct way.
  • Practical reading of the Labour of Hercules in which each of the participants finds themselves.
  • Questions and Answers.

The Course Includes

  • Post-course e-mail support.

How to get there

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