Major Arcana First Part – Luxembourg

Major Arcana First Part – Event in Luxembourg

2-3 March 2019

The course consists of 2 days of lessons.
Dates and times:
Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Price of €300

For those who purchase the complete cycle (ie the 3 modules) the cost is € 750 (ie € 250 per module).

For those who repeat the seminar the cost is €150

Price €300,00
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Major Arcana First Part - LUXEMBOURG - COURSE REPEAT
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In this course you will have access to the sacred language of the Tarot. Only the knowledge of the encrypted structure, made up of codes and laws, allows us to use the arcana in a legitimate and objective way, avoiding a projective and interpretative use. In this way, reading the Tarot becomes the translation of clear, impartial and objective messages, and becomes a direct channel of dialogue with the soul.

The Tarot, like a strand of Ariadne, indicates the exit from our existential labyrinth, and leads us towards a new and higher perspective in which life acquires meaning and direction. Knowing and experiencing this knowledge, in an authentic way, provokes a profound transformation of life, freeing us from the conditioning and false beliefs acquired in the past.

Through the relationship with the most ancient traditions of our planet, you will enter a new universe that will transform your perception of the concepts of space and time: the past, the present and the future will reveal their extraordinary unity that will allow you to progressively grasp the purpose of your existence.

  • How to identify, among the thousands of decks created, the original and authentic source.
  • Synchronicity as an essential principle of the operation of the Tarot. Learn to take, through an understanding of its mechanisms, daily decisions: observation, choice and change of destiny.
  • How to decipher the codes, ie the thousands of puzzles created by combining the drawings, names and numbers of the icons.
  • How to use the laws, ie the rules that govern the use of the Tarot.
  • How to awaken the listening of your most authentic voice to walk with courage and will towards the rebirth and freedom of expression of your personal talents.
  • Free will: what does it mean, really? Do the Tarots condition or reflect the will of my soul? The memory of who I am: the awakened consciousness.
  • Study materials
  • Official and detailed lecture note of the entire seminar
  • Post-course assistance by email
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