Major Arcana Second Part – Luxembourg

Major Arcana Second Part –Event in Luxembourg

30-31 March 2019

The course consists of 2 days of lessons
Dates and times:
Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm

For those who purchase the complete cycle (ie the 3 modules) the cost is € 750 (ie € 250 per module).
For those who repeat the seminar the cost is €150

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Major Arcana Second Part - LUXEMBOURG - COURSE REPEAT
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You will gain access to the understanding of the 22 Major Arcana, their symbolism, the archetypal functions and the key words that constitute the essence of the language of the Tarot. You will discover how the arcana, taking life, are transformed into a powerful mirror of everyday life: what do the figures that participate in the events of your existence think? Which are the relationships of the characters described? You will reveal an objective and detached vision of the outer and inner situations of your life.

You will learn to align the desire of the personality (on the physical, emotional and psychological level) with that of the soul and its will. You will be able to identify the blocks, the difficulties and the solutions to achieve a state of conscious well-being.

Through the analysis of the path of the Mat, a metaphor of the existential journey of each of us, you will recognize the individual and collective stages of your personal journey, both in the terrestrial and in the celestial sense. You will learn how the obstacles that present themselves along the path of expression of your talent are in reality your most faithful allies who, when transformed, allow you to consciously live the intention of your higher Self.

  • Le Mat, a space-time coordinate that regulates the Tarot universe.
  • Study of the Major Arcana from I to VII: the personality row.
  • Study of the Major Arcana from VIII to XIIII: the bodhisattva row.
  • Study of the Major Arcana from XV to XXI: the row of the soul.
  • The theme of the couple and the male-female balance.
  • The Tarot as a metaphysical machine that designs destiny.
  • How to arrange the arcana in a reading following the logic of the Tarot laws.
  • Practical exercises for understanding the Tarot language.
  • Study materials
  • Post-course assistance by email
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