Major Practical Reading – Event in Luxembourg

Major Practical Reading – Event in Luxembourg

27-28 April 2019

The course consists of 2 days of lessons
Dates and times:
Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00 pm
Sunday: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Price of €300
For those who purchase the complete cycle (ie the 3 modules) the cost is € 750 (ie € 250 per module).

For those who repeat the seminar the cost is €250

Price €300,00
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Major Practical Reading - LUXEMBOURG - COURSE REPEAT
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This seminar is dedicated to the practical reading of the Tarot. Students may participate only after having followed the complete theoretical cycle dealing with the Major Arcana.

Carlo Bozzelli will teach you to formulate the question in order to understand the reply, through the correct use of the Key Concepts and laws.
After each participant has formulated his own query, we will proceed with a guided and practical analysis of the answer.

You will be able to comprehend, applying the technique, the manner in which the Tarot communicates and expresses itself, learning the logic of its thought and its modality of expression.

You will observe the perfection, precision, and marvel of this Method. You will verify, yourself, thanks to direct experience, that the process of decoding of the advice and messages sent to you will leave no room for subjective interpretation.

The cards of the Tarot are the components of an ancient language whose alphabet is made up of a combination of symbols, writings, and colors. All this is regulated by a structure founded on codes and laws. In order to speak this language one must learn and master Grammar, Vocabulary, and Syntax. This is why to "read" the Tarot means, literally and not metaphorically, to use actual, comprehensible phrases.

Applying this technique, you will converse directly with your Soul. In this experiential seminar, unique of its kind, regarding every question you will note the way in which the scenario that originates from each answer is profoundly pertinent for each participant, including you.

  • Course notes regarding the phases of the readings
  • Study materials
  • Post-course assistance by email
  • Emperor Level Diploma: Junior Tarologist
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