Nicolas Conver’s Tarot

The master Nicolas Conver, engraver at the court of the King of France and founder of the Maison Conver, is considered one of the most important card makers of all time. In 1760 he created one of the most famous and renowned deck of Tarot of Marseille, which is considered by the experts as the custodian of an extraordinary perfection.

Its symbols, in fact, as much as the graphic features, the enigmas of the names and the codes of the numbers form a whole so interconnected and coherent that it is unique in its kind.

For this reason, over the last few centuries, and even more in recent decades, various authors throughout the world have ventured, more or less creatively, in its restoration or in its reconstruction, using it as a model for the creation of decks that, built on his matrix, can be considered custodians of his mysterious message.

Here are the images of the 22 Major Arcana of the edition conserved at the National Library of Paris.