Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Use of the website.

  1. Definitions

Using the services connected to the portal www.tarocchi.com (referred to as “services” or “service”), the user and the consultant are required to comply with the terms and conditions of use set out below. To provide a suitable interpretive clarity, below we will specify the meanings of the main definitions used in this document:

  • Anomaly: any defect that significantly impairs and durable service.
  • Users’ terms: current contract governing the conditions and characteristics of the relationship between the portal and its users.
  • Teachers’ Terms: current contract governing the conditions and characteristics of the relationship between the portal and the users.
  • Contract: the general and specific conditions.
  • Teacher: a natural or legal person that offers performance and teachings that has accepted the general terms and conditions and special conditions applicable to the teacher.
  • Force majeure any irresistible and unpredictable external event (including and not limited to: fire, explosion, lightning, floods and other natural disasters, strikes or labor disputes between one party and / or a third party supplier and / or operator) that prevents the company from meeting its own contractual obligations or that make the fulfillment of these obligations unreasonable, costly and / or restrictive.
  • Tarocchi.me: a technical platform that connects users and teachers.
  • Service: A service connecting user and teacher. The service also includes the following elements, available on the site: registration, newsletter, advice, forums, blogs, podcast or rss services, upload of media content.
  • Customer service: service dedicated to users and teachers, available via email at info@tarocchi.net.
  • Third party: a natural or legal person or an unidentified third party other than the service, the teacher or the user.
  • Transaction: provision of services for the user.
  • User: a natural or legal person who benefits from the services provided by the portal and who has accepted the general and particular conditions applicable to the user.
  1. Purpose and content of the Service

The service at Tarocchi.me is a portal which makes didactic service of Tarology available to users. The user makes the payment to benefit for the service. In case of online seminars, it is the responsibility of the user to manage the beginning, development, and completion of the service given by the teacher. However, the user will be able to report to the company any difficulties, low quality or other problem related to information communicated by the teacher.

  1. 3. Acceptance of Terms of Service

These general conditions of service provide the general description applicable to users and teachers, reserving the rights of their respective specific conditions. By signing the offer submitted on the website www.tarocchi.com the user accepts, without reservation, all the Terms of Service. Consequently, the signature and / or validation of registration screens online, involve the acceptance by the user and the teacher of the aforementioned and following conditions previously. Each connection to the service is subject to the fulfillment of the general and specific conditions that follow.

  1. Access to the service

The user connects to the website www.tarocchi.com through their personal and telecommunications terminal equipment, including computers, smartphones, tablets and others. The list is not intended to describe all pertinent systems. For this purpose the user must have Internet access and a set of materials and software necessary for Internet browsing. The user agree that he has the power, authority and capability necessary for the implementation and conclusion of the obligations provided for in the present. Communication protocols are those commonly in use on the internet and the user agrees to abide by their habitual manner of use. The rights of access and use of the Service are strictly personal and intended for private use only. It can not be transferred to third parties for free or for a fee. To accede to the Didactic Service, the user is required to effect payment. This is done through credit card (or wire transfer) on a secure page. Once payment is made, access to the service will be at such time as is fixed in the agreed-upon appointment.

The portal tarocchi.me offers to user a software to access the didactic platform; this access takes place through software that interact with telecommunications tools that integrate the internet communication. The portal tarocchi.me is not responsible for the quality of the telephone line of the user, which depends on the telephone company with which he has a contract. The software provided by the company is provided on the basis of the public Internet and according to IP protocol, while granting to user and counsel the right to use software made available on an individual, non-exclusive and non-transferable contract. The right to use begins as soon as the user interface and the consultant enter the site www.tarocchi.com.

  1. Registration and Security

The use of the didactic service of www.tarocchi.com implies prior registration to the platform, mandatory for each user. The user is required to provide specific information to be correct and current (name, surname, address, mail, telephone, VAT). The user will therefore be responsible for any use made by third parties, authorized or unauthorized, of these identifiers as well as for any damage caused by the failure to observe the above. Failure to comply with these rules constitutes a violation of the Terms of Service and may result in immediate cancellation of the user’s inscription at the seminar.

  1. Cost of service and payment data

The website services are chargeable and a breakdown of costs is analytically clarified. The payment of the transactions concluded by the user on the Tarocchi.me site, will be carried out through a secure payment service, and requires that the user has previously completed the inscription’s procedure.The user is the owner of a payment card (ATM, Visa, Mastercard, American Express Card, etc.) issued by a bank and usable at merchants and service providers affiliated with the network of the Card. Card number for payment shall mean the number of sixteen (16) digits, the expiration date that appears on the face of a payment card and the security code (CVV) which appears on the back of the same. Because the payment system is operated by a third company, tarocchi.com does not know the number of a payment card user.

The portal reserves the right to require a fee for access to portions of the site or to specific initiatives and / or services within the same. In any case, the portal does not require the payment of any compensation unless it has first obtained express assent to that offer. Therefore, if the portal were to ask in the future a fee for access to portions of the site or services / initiatives that are currently free, the user will receive special notice in advance with a detailed indication of these costs. If accepted, the user will pay this amount in the manner that will be defined at the time of the service.

7.Conclusion of the transaction

The user selects the course chosen and, once payment is made, he will be inscribed to the same course.

  1. Period of withdrawal

The user may exercise his right of withdrawal by contacting customer service at info@tarocchi.me within 7 days from the date of validation of the payment online or within 7 days from the date reported on the wire. If the final date of the term of 7 days corresponds to a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, the deadline is extended to the first working day following. The exercise of this right by the user implies the repayment by the portal of sums paid by him and the cancellation of his subscription to the service. The portal will refund within 30 days from the notification of the withdrawal.
The right of withdrawal is not valid if the user has started to use the service, i.e. he has begun the course. In the case in which the course did not take place for reasons not attributable to the user (as in the case of failure to achieve the number of participants), the user can request withdrawal of the sum paid or decide to keep the credit for a future course. The user is aware that it will not be refunded in the event in which the non-participation in the course depends on its decisions or other cause however not attributable to the portal.

9.Disputes and fraud

The order of payment of the price of the transaction transmitted by credit card via the secure payment service is irrevocable, except in the case of fraudulent use of the card. The user may not therefore oppose the above payment if not satisfied with the service or if the latter does not correspond to the description of the service offering. However, in the case that payment by credit card proves fraudulent, the cardholder may request reimbursement of the amount covered by the fraud.

  1. Dissatisfaction with service

In case of dissatisfaction regarding the service on the part of the user, he may not oppose payment. In case of a dispute, the user can contact the customer service portal which will attempt to reconcile in agreement on an amicable settlement of the dispute within 90 days of receipt of notice.

  1. Maintenance and Service Quality

In case of technical problems that require it, and that cannot be resolved otherwise, the portal reserves the right to suspend part or all access to the service, and to conduct adequate maintenance of the network and / or its components and software. Technical assistance will inform the user of any particular interruption or deterioration of the service. The assistance will inform the user and the teacher as soon as possible of necessary interventions and of termination of the same, it being understood that such obligation is one of means, and that the portal cannot guarantee, in any case, a deadline for the resumption of service.

  1. Technical assistance

Assistance is offered by the portal, to respond to technical questions of the user and / or the teacher, and help them solve any malfunctions associated with the use of software used by the portal. The user or teacher may signal a problem of access by contacting customer service to the following email address: info@tarocchi.me Technical assistance will provide from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, it being understood that the portal has an obligation of means. In the event of an unplanned interruption of the supply of the service during which the user can not access or use the service because of the problem identified and not due to force majeure, the user will be reimbursed for part or all the time of the interruption. The reimbursement will be paid within 30 days from the interruption. In case of force majeure, the user may not request compensation as the portal cannot be held responsible.

  1. Suspension of the user and / or the teacher

The portal may suspend, in whole or in part, access to the service in case of:

– Abuse or manifest breach by the user and / or teacher of the general and specific conditions of service.

– Act or non-fulfillment that violates the rights of third parties, the relevant regulations, public order and / or morals

The assistance service will inform the user and / or the teacher via email, of the verification of the act or of the failure. If there is no user and / or the teacher response within 48 hours from the issue of the message of the company, acceptance of the suspension by the user and / or the teacher will be presumed. However, at the invitation of the competent authority or if the portal verifies by any means an act or breach of user or teacher which violates or may violate the proper functioning or the security of the network and / or its devices and / or the service, the portal may proceed with immediate suspension, as a preventive measure, without respecting the procedure to notify the user and / or the teacher. To the extent that the acts or breach of the user and / or the teacher are the result of non-compliance with the provisions above, the portal may suspend provision of the service and terminate the contract without compensation. In no event shall the portal be liable in the event of a total or partial suspension of access to the service user and the teacher, nor for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the suspension. The portal tarocchi.me is not required to verify the information and content available on the site, or to seek facts or circumstances revealing illegal activities. The user and the teacher undertake to notify the portal if they are aware of breech on the site of laws and regulations in force, in particular content that:

  • exalts crimes against humanity,
  • incites racial hatred and violence,
  • contains child pornography
  • is in general, contrary to human dignity

The user and / or the teacher agree to report the offense immediately by contacting the portal on the Internet at info@tarocchi.net providing indications to identify the content and / or the author in question. The user and / or the teacher undertake to guarantee and indemnify the portal against the consequences of claims by third parties as a result of violation of the laws and regulations in force, of an intellectual property right, or incorrectness or failure of transaction. The user and / or the teacher undertake to provide full and complete cooperation in the treatment of any claims by third parties against the user and / or the teacher himself.

  1. Responsibility of the portal tarocchi.me

The portal assumes no obligation beyond those relating to its role as a mediator on the online platform Tarocchi.me. The portal cannot guarantee the availability or functioning of the site and cannot be held responsible for any loss of revenues or opportunities of the user and / or the teacher in case of force majeure and in case of maintenance of the service. The portal is not responsible for any direct damage, foreseeable or unforeseeable, incurred by the user and / or the teacher. The user and the teacher formally acknowledge and accept that the portal cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for the following:

  • Interruption of service beyond the control of the portal and / or negligence or malicious conduct of the teacher and / or user.
  • Accident or interaction of service caused by accident, problems of other networks, by malfunction and / or inadequacy of devices and equipment and / or software and infrastructure of the portal or of the devices of the contractors of the portal, whatever the cause.
  • Content pedo-pornographic.
  • In case of force majeure.
  • Configuration, management, supervision of the maintenance of the network of the user and / or the teacher and possible consequences.
  • Prohibited use of services or the transmission of data contrary to the general provision of services.
  • Nature and content of information of any type, and data files transferable and accessible via the service.
  • Commercial loss, loss of customers, loss of orders, commercial damage, loss of profits, loss of brand image or any action against the user and / or teacher.

The service provided by the portal does not guarantee the quality, reliability, timeliness or safety of the use of the service, as this depends on devices and networks outside the control of the portal. In case of dispute between the portal and the user, third parties, or a teacher, whatever the subject of the dispute, because of information disseminated by the user, by a third party, or by the teacher, the user and / or the teacher undertake to support the defense of the portal, to compensate it for any legal fees, damages and interest to which the portal will be entitled for any action, claim, procedure, request, advice or other expenses incurred by a third against it. The user and the teacher recognize that the services subscribed to via the platform, through the site www.tarocchi.com, are under their control and responsibility. Consequently, the portal will not be responsible in any way for the use and content of the information disseminated and consulted by the user and the teacher. The user and / or the teacher are the sole individuals responsible for damages and losses, direct or indirect, tangible or intangible, caused by the content of information disseminated via the service. The teacher and the user only will appear in court in all quarrels with one of the users or third parties regarding information disseminated through the service. They further undertake to inform the company via registered letter with return receipt, and / or via email at info@tarocchi.net of all complaints, prosecutions, infringements verified, directly or indirectly involved in supply or use of the service, that may be made by third parties.
The teacher and the user alone are responsible for the damage, or for material or immaterial prejudice, caused to the portal by the bad or inappropriate use of the service. As judged appropriate, they undertake to guarantee, pay, indemnify the portal against actions, requests, complaints and / or to the award of damages to which the portal may be obligated. Only the portal, at its sole discretion in writing, may waive all or part of the responsibility of the user and the supplier.

  1. 15. User’s and teacher’s responsibility

The use of the site www.tarocchi.com implies user and teacher’s compliance with certain rules of conduct that are based on compliance with laws and regulations and certain ethical and moral values, such as mutual respect, courtesy, good faith and loyalty. Furthermore, use of the site involves observance of principles established by the portal for the user, for the purpose of moderation. The use of the site www.tarocchi.com implies user and teacher’s compliance with certain rules of conduct that are based on compliance with laws and regulations and certain ethical and moral values, such as mutual respect, courtesy, good faith and loyalty. Furthermore, use of the site involves observance of principles established by the portal for the user, for the purpose of moderation. The user may contact the portal at info@tarocchi.net so that the

  1. 15. User’s and teacher’s responsibility

portal may send via email a link that the user may insert in order to reconnect to the service. The user and the consultant are solely responsible for the information they make available on www.tarocchi.com. Therefore, they will undertake to ensure that the informations disseminated on the site do not violate laws or regulations.
To this end, the company unilaterally reserves the right to:

  • Withdraw from the site www.tarocchi.com all patently illegal or inappropriate content, data, information or offers.
  • Definitively withdraw, without notice, any content that violates public order, decency or any other criminal law.

The user and the teacher are prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the security and integrity of the site and in particular:

  • Actions that may endanger or impair the proper functioning of the site or any service which takes place on the same.
  • Actions that could cause an overload unreasonable or disproportionate to the infrastructure capacity of the platform.
  • Access or attempted access data that is not intended for viewing by the user or consultant.
  • Hacking or attempt to break into a server.
  • To harass, threaten, abuse or violate the privacy of other users and / or third parties and / or consultants and disseminate defamatory, abusive or libelous material.
  • Offend human dignity through text, image or video of a racist, violent, pornographic, revisionist nature; adversely affect the lives of others, or disclose or distribute in any way material or content intended to promote the commission of illegal activity.
  • In general, it is forbidden to use the website for transmission or placement of viruses or any other material which is defamatory, offensive, obscene or threatening or that somehow can create annoyance, inconvenience or prejudice.
  • Violate the legal provisions on intellectual property rights and in particular o commit acts that would constitute a violation of the right to trademark, or unfair competition.
  • Accomplish without the express authorization of the portal, “framing” operations or creating “mirror” sites that replicate virtually the sites www.tarocchi.com, to create a hypertext link to another site that refers to the site www.tarocchi.com or in the offers include performance or profile hyperlinks that point toward a third party site.
  • It is forbidden to use information about other users, teachers or third parties for purposes inappropriate or illegal.
  • The contents and services of the portal www.tarocchi.com are intended for personal use. All published materials (including, without limitation, items of information, photographs, images, illustrations, audio and / or video, hereinafter also referred to as the “Content”) are protected by copyright and are owned by the company or by those who legitimately detain the rights, if indicated. The user and / or the teacher are required to follow the additional guidelines that may be present on the site regarding the intellectual property of the content accessed through the services of the site. The services of the site and its contents are protected by international copyright. The user and / or teacher, for personal use only, are permitted to download or copy the contents and any other downloadable materials available through the services of the site, provided they faithfully reproduce all indications of copyright and other instructions on the site, if specified. Reproduction and gathering of any content for reasons other than personal use are expressly prohibited without prior authorization in writing by the owner of the copyright, as indicated on the site. The services of podcasts and rss, consisting of informative content that can be downloaded to your computer using “aggregator programs” and transferred to an mp3 player if desired, are made available for personal use only and use for any commercial purposes is excluded. The portal reserves the right to discontinue service or podcast rss at any time and to terminate use by the user of the downloaded material in any form, without restriction and without notice. The portal assumes no liability for the contents and services of podcast and rss, and their use regarding damage or restrictions on use of websites, computer or mp3 players who have used these services and content.
  • The user shall also ensure that the contents are sent to the site through a legal-age user account. The portal is not responsible for the material used and / or the conduct of the users while browsing the site. The portal assumes, also, no responsibility for the transmission of any viruses or otherwise harmful content originating from third parties. Consequently, the user shall indemnify and hold harmless the portal and all subjects related to these, from and against all liability and damages or loss, including, without exception, legal fees defined according to professional fees incurred by the owner / operator of the site as a result of legal actions resulting from breach by the user of the obligations herein set forth. The service and all downloadable materials are provided in the state in which they are, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of title, merchantability and fitness for specific purposes. The user, therefore, recognizes that the use of such materials is carried out under his full and exclusive responsibility.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights

The portal www.tarocchi.com declares to hold the rights to the software made available to the user. Any act of infringement or unfair competition, or other act deemed thus, caused by third parties of which the user and / or the teacher are aware, must be reported to the portal that will proceed to prosecute the case reported. The portal www.tarocchi.com is the owner of all trademarks and logos used on all its sites. No use of its trademarks and logos may be made by third parties, by the user or by the teacher. All text, images, icons, drawings, graphics, photographs, programs and other components of its websites, including the website www.tarocchi.com are owned by the portal and protected by the law on copyright. Commercial and non-commercial reproduction of images, text, icons, drawings, graphics, logos, photographs, programs and other components of the sites of the company is strictly forbidden without prior written consent. The portal www.tarocchi.com si reserves the right to prosecute before competent courts, the natural or legal persons, third parties, user or teacher who may have attacked the software and / or components of the sites (images, text, icons, designs, logos, photographs, programs and other) to be remunerated for the damage caused. The user and the teacher are forbidden to:

  • Modify or change the software, even if the intention is to resolve any errors.
  • Duplicate, reproduce, copy, extract, edit the software or integrate it in derivatives.
  • Disassemble, dismantle, tamper with, modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, decrypt the software, its documentation or source code.
  • Make improvements to the software or use other methods that have the object or effect of access to the source code or protocol of the software used by the portal.
  • Incorporate, integrate, re-use, include part or all of the software in another software, program, or service.
  • Distribute, redistribute, assign, lend, transfer, process, pledge, or license software.

The user and the professor cannot access to sources of software.

  1. Collection and use of personal data

Personal data are information that can be used to identify an individual or to contact him. You might be asked to provide your personal data every time you contact with the portal www.tarocchi.com. The portal may share this data with the companies that works with and use them in accordance with this privacy policy. The portal may also combine the data with other data to provide and improve services, content, and advertising materials.

  1. a) Purpose

When a user registers for a course, contact www.tarocchi.com or attend an event online, the portal can collect a series of data, including name, address, phone number, email etc. Personal data collected are used to keep users updated about upcoming events. If you do not want to be included in our mailing list, you can unsubscribe at any time by writing to info@tarocchi.me and entering in the subject “unsubscribe.” The personal data of users are collected in order to record the order and activate the procedures for the execution of the contract and the necessary communications and purposes of accounting entries, including transmission of commercial invoices. Personal data may be disclosed after signing of a commitment of data confidentiality, to third parties who carry out activities necessary for the execution of the agreed-upon contract and used exclusively for that purpose.

  1. b) Conditions and nature of the treatment

The treatment can be performed using manual, automated, computer, electronic acts to manage, store and transmit data and are suitable to ensure the security and confidentiality. The provision of personal data and consent to their communication in order to carry out the activities necessary for the execution of the contract are required. The portal www.tarocchi.com is obligated to treat as confidential the data transmitted by the user and not to disclose them to unauthorized persons or use them for purposes other than those agreed. Such data can be produced only at the request of the court or other authority authorized by law.

  1. c) User Rights

The user has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of personal data concerning him, even if not yet recorded, and their communication in intelligible form. Furthermore, the user has the right to obtain information regarding:

– a) the origin of personal data;

– b) purposes and methods of treatment;

– c) methodology applied in case of treatment with the help of electronic means;

– d) the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents.

– e) updating, rectification or, when valid, integration of data;

– f) the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed unlawfully, including data whose retention is necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;

– g) certification that the operations in letters e) and f) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, unless such fulfillment proves impossible or involves means manifestly disproportionate to the protected right.

The portal www.tarocchi.com undertakes to maintain users’ files complete and current.

– a) for legitimate reasons regarding the processing of personal data concerning him, apart from the scope of the collection;

– b) to the processing of personal data concerning him for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

  1. d) The exercise and procedures for the exercise of rights.

The portal www.tarocchi.com is committed to providing prompt reply to any request formulated. The request made can also be sent by email. In this sense, the portal is committed to responding promptly to every message asked at info@tarocchi.net.

  1. Promotional messages

The portal www.tarocchi.com may submit to its users at any time, newsletters, SMS and non-promotional communications by post or email related to their account. The portal www.tarocchi.com may also send promotional messages to users (via e-mail, mail, or SMS) to promote services similar to those already purchased by the user on www.tarocchi.com. At any time the user may object to receiving promotional messages by contacting the Customer Service of the portal: info@tarocchi.me or deleting the newsletter subscription by clicking in the appropriate section.

  1. Changing the general and specific conditions

The portal www.tarocchi.com reserves the right to modify at any time the content of these general and special conditions and to improve the technical characteristics of the site software and tools. The portal may also introduce restrictions of access or services, in whole or in part, without notice and without incurring responsibility for this limitation of service. The user and the teacher will be informed of the changes with a notice period of seven days before the entry into force, except in cases where the changes are dictated by mandatory regulations or judicial decision, in which case the entry into force will be immediate. Each user is required to periodically check these conditions to make sure any changes since the last use of the portal. In any case, the user connecting on the platform www.tarocchi.com after the entry into force of these changes, unquestionably and automatically accept. If the changes are not accepted, the user may at any time cancel their membership on the site, it being understood that continued use of the service constitutes their acceptance of the new conditions.

  1. Confidentiality and communication

Each party agrees that the documents and information exchanged during the execution of the contract, technical data, each party’s methods and other processes or services covered by the contract, are confidential. Consequently, it is forbidden to disclose or communicate any part of the above information to third parties, without prior written consent.

  1. Security

The portal www.tarocchi.com has implemented the necessary physical and electronic measures to protect the confidentiality and ensure the security of the information of customers and users. These measures are designed to protect paper documents and electronics supplied by anyone who has dealings with the company, and invests even the managerial organization of the same. Physical and electronic measures will be constantly updated, in compliance with the provisions of the Code for the protection of personal data.

  1. Navigation Information
  2. a) The site www.tarocchi.com collects technical information about the hardware and software used by visitors, independently through the use of tools for the analysis of the link file. This information concerns:
  • IP address,
  • type of browser,
  • Internet service providers,
  • operating system,
  • domain name and Web site addresses from which logged or output (referring / exit pages),
  • information about the pages visited by readers within the site,
  • time of access,
  • time spent on each page,
  • analysis of internal path (clickstream)
  • resolution video
  • connection type
  • nation from which the user connects
  • presence of java plug-in installed

This does not provide personal, but only technical, data / information, that is collected and used in an adjunct and anonymous manner, for the sole purpose of improving the quality of the service and provide statistics on the use of the site.

  1. b) Cookies: Cookies are small text files stored on the computer while browsing a website, in order to process and identify usage data. The cookie file is usually extremely small and does not contribute to the saturation of the physical space of the hard drive. The cookie is transferred to the user’s disk for registration to “remember” the areas of a website which have been visited. This option saves time, allowing the user to access faster the main parts of a previously visited website. There are different kinds of cookies:
  • permanent, which remain on the hard drive, even after the browser is closed;
    temporary or session cookies, which are stored only for the duration of navigation and are deleted from the computer when you close your browser;third-party , generated by a website other than the one the user is currently visiting

The cookies used by the owner / operator of the site are a combination of these three types: some serve only for opening and maintaining a session (temporary cookies). In this case, the closing of the session or browser will make them unusable by the company or by third parties, although they remain stored on the PC used (permanent cookies). It is given to the user the option to set the browser to accept all cookies, only some, or reject them. Let us say, however, that failure to accept cookies may make it impossible to provide the service in the case of access to some areas of the site. It also recalls that at the end of each browsing session, the user can in any case delete from his hard drive the cache-memory of navigation that collects cookies.

  1. Complaints

In case of complaints of any kind, user must submit his application to the customer service via email at info@tarocchi.net and must indicate the following information: full name, postal address, email address. Complaints will be handled by customer service within 30 days of receipt of the email, provided that, in case of non-response from the company, the user will be able to offer proof that the application was sent.

  1. Nullity, titles, terms, non-applicability

The fact of not accepting the application of any provision of this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver in the future to make use of that clause. The titles of articles and paragraphs of the conditions are only intended to facilitate the organization of the text, articles and paragraphs and has no interpretative value for the contract or its contents. The lack of understanding of a paragraph or provision of this agreement, does not result in the cancellation of the same. The cancellation of a clause is without prejudice to the other provisions of the contract. The parties undertake to replace the clause declared invalid or unlawful with a new clause which respects the desired content.

  1. Collaboration and Loyalty of the parts

The parts, which are the portal, the user and the teacher, agree on the need to maintain close cooperation in order to coordinate their actions and comply with the terms and conditions hereof.

  1. Applicable Law and Disputes

This contract consists of the Terms of Service and special conditions which apply to the user and the teacher. All agreements and documents relating to its subject and the provision of services, and in particular any business proposal and other documents for the provision of services exchanged between the parties before and after the signing, have no contractual value.