The testimonies of those who attended our Academy.

Below we present the personal evaluations of the participants of the Academy seminars. The theme of the Tarot, due to years of degeneration and incorrect use, often creates justified skepticism. We sincerely thank all those who have left a reflection because they help to restore dignity and transparency to this wonderful metaphysical machine named Tarocchi.

"For a year and a half now, I've been following the courses on the Tarot of Marseilles taught by Carlo and I can say with certainty that they are one of the most captivating experiences of my life; It is perhaps the first time that something excites me so much even after so long. Every time I come to the seminars of the Academy, I am filled with this incredible and intoxicating Divine Energy, impossible to resist, that follows me for days despite the return to my daily routine, sometimes so little romantic… The Tarot is now an inseparable and irreplaceable presence in my life; a wise counselor, a faithful companion who will accompany me forever in this fantastic journey... Carlo is the best messenger possible for a message as high as that of the Tarot; with his gentle and affectionate, he energy transmits teachings from another dimension with attention and enthusiasm that wins the heart... Sara, with her warm dedication and celestial grace, is the perfect aide in a course so special... My heartfelt thanks, my dear fellow travelers. See you soon."

Francesca, Milan

"To associate with the Arcana is to live a permanent destabilization which proceeds towards its own intrinsic composition. The Tarot recirculates the blood after having oxygenated it, colors it with experience of itself, declares rules. Inevitable to not encounter it when spirituality seeks its missing breath, when in the abyss you think, what night will be in the further abyss. And yet illumination joins with the fatigue of being, and this polaroid which is the Tarot, made up of images that follow one the other and illustrate the action of the moment and the cardiac reflexes of the action, manifests as an incision in the skin giving sense to existence and meaning to the archaeological experience of our forebears. The Tarot illuminates the caves of Lascaux and we are at the same time wildebeest and ithyphallic man, a mystery that is ours and that we sketch with the awareness that the fire casts needed shadows upon the cave walls. A language for all, which asks, silently, study, dedication and devotion to the relics produced for understanding and rising towards new generative paintings. Contemplation to share in the common cup; the incarnation of the Pilgrim who becomes World throwing dice, harboring books, weighing inevitable blades, turning cranks with ancestral rust. We may exit it naked and dancing in the sacred. Flowery thanks to Carlo and Sara."

Morena, Rome

"Follow the course on the Major Arcana was an intense and exciting experience even for someone like me, who tries to keep his distance from everything... I felt clearly the depth, power, and the vastness of the multifaceted Tarot and its symbols and I realized how much I still have to study and apply myself before I come to an even slightly deeper understanding of this tool, of its theory and of practical reading. Understanding that I understand almost nothing of the Tarot, might seem perhaps a result a bit too minimal, after a course lasting almost a year..I am convinced however that it is a fundamental point of arrival (and departure), a great result, all thanks going to Carlo and Sara and to their ability to impart enthusiasm and knowledge. For this I thank them very much... "

Maurizio, Rome

From our first meeting, the Tarot has made a deep, and then a deeper impression on me: I could feel that I was entering a world, may I say, sacred and of another reality, different from the ordinary... I perceive them as a guide able to enlighten me and to open me to other possibilities on the path of life. Thanks to Carlo and Sara.

Maria Victoria, Rome

One may approach the Tarot in several ways. Almost all beginners have an approach of "consulting the oracle." We constantly face choices, often doubt, and there is a strong temptation to think that someone can give us an answer, the right answer, after which we can avoid mistakes and bad investments. If, however, you decide to embark, through the Tarot, on a path of growth, it becomes a formidable means of transformation. Every choice is, in fact, the exploration of a direction. Any exploration may be right, if the person who choose .is "intact". But how can you always be intact? This, exactly, is the path. From the experience that I was capable of, and that must yet evolve to levels of greater awareness, the Tarot, through the cards, that is, through symbols, colors, characters and positions, makes a photograph of the current situation of the Consultant. Every choice, in fact, begins from a position along our evolutionary path. There are, in my opinion, "low" choices and "high" choices, and the questions that we ask reflect our position. The Tarot also gives information on the development of the situation in relation to the question, illustrating the characters and the emotional climate and, generously, giving advice, or even warnings about possible dangers (threats to our integrity). But the greatest strength of the Tarot is its capability of "blessing": when among the cards appears the Angel of Temperance, I can not help but be moved by the sense of "protection" that this card fills me with… Finally, the Tarot is also a school, as it teaches you to confront the icons, and later, situations as well, with greater purity. Knowing that the Tarot is "sacred," you learn over time to address it, not with a greedy need for ready answers but with extreme respect for its power, and our power, in the humble act of asking…"

Cinzia, Florence

"Carlo Bozzelli, through his lectures, succeeds in a task far from easy: to explain the inexplicable. He does so by walking a wire of different linguistic registers. Carlo is professor of a rigorous subject that he explains with method and practical reason and is at the same time a shaman, able to evoke the Tarot and induce other's faith in intuition; he causes us all to become able to listen and recognize the power of the symbol. First in the Tarot deck and then outside of it, in the world. Bozzelli's courses are scholarly and intense but, most importantly, transformative. Yes, to frequent the Academy of the Tarot, is an experience that can change your life! "

Fabia & Fulvio, Rome

"Dear Carlo and Sara, for me, the experience with the Academy and with you was more than positive: for the accuracy, the competence, and the courtesy with which the courses were conducted, both live and online. I felt very well and at ease, despite the subject being far from simple, and my not having any previous experience. Thank you! See you soon, hugs."

Gianpaolo, Sanremo

"I am a doctor, accustomed to assigning everything around me a rational meaning. When I enrolled in the course it was to accompany a dear friend of mine. The result was an incredible journey in which the cards speak to you with such accuracy that you can not have doubts. Thank you again my friend ..."

Maura, Rome

"I am a doctor. I saw by chance a newspaper ad about the beginning of courses in nearby San Remo and decided, with my wife, Simonetta, to participate. I was skeptical and knew nothing about the Tarot but I have never let myself be conditioned by prejudice. Years ago I studied with a master of Alchemy, and with a group of friends went to Barberino del Mugello in Tuscany to listen to his lectures and I remember something emerged regarding the Marseilles Tarot; so I was curious to know more about them and curious to see if there were people able to explain them. Not only did I find the answer to my questions and my curiosity, but I found in Carlo and Sara two wonderful people who infuse all the energy of a universal message that is an instrument of knowledge and awareness. This is an experience everyone should have in their lives, and a path everyone should follow. We should all be a bit tarologists; it would help us to better understand the universe, and especially ourselves."

Carlo and Simonetta, Albenga

"The meeting with Carlo, Sara, and the Academy, two years ago, was an event which radically changed my life. Entering the world of the Tarot, meant to become aware of my Soul, a precious seed waiting to be planted. To take courses and begin practicing reading, is the care of the gardener and a natural fertilizer for the tiny plant that, little by little, breaks through the soil. The feeling I have every time I approach this wonder is of having found a suit in which I feel perfectly at my ease, a Star to follow, a totally right manner in which to put myself at the service of those who are in need. The Academy courses are an opportunity - and I can never thank the Universe, who brought it to me, enough."

Ilaria, Florence

"I completed, with great pleasure, the course of the Major Arcana. Until now, each inner journey undertaken has been partly hampered by my innate rationality, that keeps me from "entrusting" myself to that which I cannot fully comprehend. Then I encountered the Tarot. It was the BRIDGE which suddenly appeared on my path. A bridge constructed of trust in the instrument, mysterious and "arcane", but also of clear and rational comprehension of the eternal language of symbols through which the Tarot speaks to us. I crossed this BRIDGE with enthusiasm, and a new world appeared before me. Thanks Carlo, thanks Sara, thanks Tarot."

Piera, Bologna

"I frequented the basic courses of the Academy with pleasure, for the welcoming and serene atmosphere, for their professionalism and the valuable information received. I had been reading the Tarot for some time, following my own "intuitive" method..and I experienced some readings immediately after completing the first courses. The clients, friends and acquaintances, or perfect strangers, who came at the suggestion of friends, after the readings had the feeling of having been counseled, helped to deal with difficult situations or to more easily express needs or emotions, in the easy and detached presence of a competent person. I myself felt 'light' and secure in the readings, even with acquaintances, affected very little by what I already knew of them..I hope then to be of help with my experience, also for those who wish to embark on this fascinating "journey". Heartfelt thanks and hugs."

Marta, Bergamo

"For those unfamiliar with this particular world, or who see it with some skepticism, as so often happens when faced with new ideas, they can rest assured that we are not speaking here of cartomancy or other such topics. That which, with so much effort, sacrifice, and faith Carlo and Sara seek to impart to as many people as possible, is a discipline that, personally, I would describe as a real World. The passion and intellectual sincerity which wrap Carlo as he teaches, and the serenity, almost bliss, surrounding Sara, make you understand that they do not speak of a strange or imaginary subject, but of a tangible reality that each of us, with sacrifice and trust, can find. Entire books could be written to attempt to transmit the message to as many as possible, but I think it would be useless for those unwilling to come out of their shell; and to think that the beauty lies precisely in this, because from the very first meeting you can understand what the Tarot are (and subsequently, if you so desire, increase your knowledge). For those who wish to contact me: di.pass@libero.it "

Diego, Padua

"When I began the course on the Major Arcana, I was going through a bad patch in my life; the subject and the warmth of Sara and Carlo enriched me; their seriousness and reliability takes away any possible doubt regarding their apparently "strange" topic. I have continued and will continue to follow their courses and I enjoy encountering the meanings and images from Tarot readings in many places seemingly distant from that "world". Let me give an example, if I may: the card "Maison Dieu" I "found" in a book of interviews with Carl G. Jung. Here is the passage: "Once Jung was trying to make me understand that we should not feel guilty for events beyond our control. "They are like acts of God," he said. "Consider them like a building struck by lightning; even that is an act of God "(…)". (from "Jung speaks," ed. Adelphi, 1995 Milan, pag.210). See you soon."

Francesca, Lucca

"Attending the Academy of Tarot, I discovered in the Tarot a fantastic tool for introspection, help and advice, to enter into myself in order to realign external events with my deepest feelings. What surprised and interested me was the educational structure and the almost scientific precision for the learning of a language, new to me. Following the Method taught, it is easy to obtain an accurate reading: the results were amazing from the first. I experienced this firsthand initially, and now I am practicing readings even for skeptical persons who,some time after the consultation, confirm to me that they received aid or a breakthrough thanks to the reading."

Valeria, Lecco

"A comment to help skeptics to have a bit less superficial and snobbish attitude towards these cards… Perhaps the right way is to make them understand that the Tarot images are sacred, as are those of the saints. For this, they deserve the utmost respect. Many people become convinced of the validity of the Tarot only after seeing and realizing how far they are able to see into your life in order to give you sound advice. This is the task of tarologists, even novices like me: to not give an interpretation imposed by subjectivity, but to apply the rules that lead to an objective reading. Greetings to all."

Cesare, Bologna

"Tarology..? A new approach, a journey to the inside of my soul, where every step was fascinating and tiles of the mosaic of knowledge magically emerged! Thanks Carlo! You were a teacher, and now a very special friend!

Andreana, Bologna

"I decided to follow this course because I was always intrigued by the meaning of the symbols of the Tarot cards, a bit as if they were a book of illustrated puzzles in which to find reference to this or that, which is something I never found in the various material I had read, where the meanings of the different cards were listed almost as on a shopping list, never explaining their meanings, which was the thing that interested me. In this course, I found what I was looking for: for every card, the link between the image and its various meanings was illustrated in a logical and linear manner, with many references, which even I was able to find.This led me to discover that every Tarot card has many meanings and bears within itself many references, many more than the apparent simplicity of their design would suggest. Reading the cards, for me, had a charm secondary to the study of symbols, but I was curious although somewhat skeptical, about the reading method mentioned. My initial skepticism, however, soon disappeared as during teaching readings there unfolded before my eyes, card schemes reproducing the stories that the consultant recounted spontaneously, but especially when, on my first reading after the end of the course, I found in the opening cards, the characters described, with their characteristic features, better than a photograph.

Nello, Naples

"I attended and concluded with great commitment the four moments of Tarot learning conducted by Carlo Bozzelli. After about a year Carlo gave us permission to experiment with reading the Arcana for friends and acquaintances. At my first reading, almost as a joke, I was inspired to tell a friend what the cards suggested in response to his question, which I translated as from another language. At the time we laughed and to the question, if it was right to cultivate a relationship with a woman known recently I answered "no way". Not one day had passed, that I had a call from my friend telling me that I was absolutely right: he had learned from reliable sources that he had no chance. What can I say?You can not even joke with the Tarot! It is so true, so simple, so immediate and timely, as to induce awe and wonder. Carlo has always told us that to understand the language of the Tarot, we must return to the innocence of children. The Tarot is objective; only our egotistic or self-centered personality prevents us from listening and understanding its simplicity and truth. What a lesson !! What a great catharsis! What a transformation the Tarot imparts to anyone intending to study, interpret, and know it. Carlo told us not to rush, but to "hurry slowly" into this infinite universe of the Tarot because, in order to hear its wisdom, you need to prepare yourself, to clean up the heavy, bulky armor of the "Personality" that prevents the Soul from understanding its simplicity and expressing itself in the same way. I am grateful. I thank him for the precious gift, and especially for introducing me to this ancient and eternal child, the Tarot. I hope only to be worthy of his eternal friendship."

Antonio Fancello, Rome

"Dear Sara and Carlo, through you I am learning to know the secret and marvelous world of Tarot reading... I never imagined they would be so fascinating, I'm glad to have met you. Thanks and a hug! See you soon."

Paola, Rome

"My encounter with the Tarot was "predestined", as the last place for the April 1st Major Arcana course became available just the day before the beginning of the same. I came to the course with an instinctive certainty that this would be the right approach to the wonderful world of the Tarot, that Carlo has taught us to observe with the respectful eyes of a child, without however neglecting the history and part of its most complex and archetypal symbolism. But the most beautiful thing I received from this course, is the memory of an experience shared with a group of people hitherto unknown, who have decided to leave behind any prejudices and to read the soul of others and their own through a new and objective interpretation. Thanks again to Carlo, whose prompt and effective dialectic simplified our journey. "

Valentina and little Viola, who followed the course from the womb, Rome

Dear friends, I really must thank you for the Tarot course, which I began by chance and for curiosity, which opened my soul to a parallel vision of things. It is as if everything has more depth and my gaze contemplates a wider, and even more colorful horizon. Above all, to find a teacher so humble and patient is truly a rarity. Typically, those who teach suppose themselves to know more than the apprentice and become large and pompous in their supposition. While Carlo, as does a Star, bows kindly to our hunger to know without judging us, teaching us precisely that: to not judge ourselves or others, but to consider everything with Love. The Tarot for me today is the beginning of a path of Love that I hope will help me to improve myself and to help others do the same. I must say that I also had a lot of fun, on a cultural, and a human level. The group that I frequented was compact around Carlo and Sara and continued almost complete to the end. We laughed, we were moved, we were astonished. The presence of Sara, full of grace, comforted us in times of struggle and to see you together fills our hearts with smiles. So, thanks to the teacher. And thanks to the Tarot as well, which is my daily companion of reflection and which I hope to use with each time more surety and introspection. "

Bruna, Rome

"I started the courses on the Tarot in February of 2010 and I must say they have represented for me the beginning of a phase of inner healing, a spiritual path that I amm still following within myself through the figures of the Arcana. I enrolled almost by chance, through the site, familiar only with the reputation of Jodorowsky, but the preparation, the congeniality and helpfulness of the teacher immediately involved me in a very positive manner and opened for me the world of tarology. If someone would like to contact me for more information, my e-mail address is: lauraluccoborlera@yahoo.it.

Laura, Turin

"A wonderful journey that opens the doors of the soul and at the same time a marvelous power whose primary objective is not to predict the future, but to aid in one's growth and in loving others. To contact me: eric.ciman@briospa.com. "

Eric, Verona

"I am quite exacting when seeking a seminar: this is the era of vanity, incompetence and approximation. I loved the courses of the Tarot Academy for various reasons. For the participation of small groups of a few people, which allows for streamlined interaction with the teacher and the other students; each participant has the opportunity to intervene and clear up his doubts, if any. The Tarot is introduced to students new to the subject with respectful professionalism. For the great effectiveness of the teaching method: I have always appreciated a teacher able to focus on the subject, and who can resist the hedonistic temptation of self-aggrandizement. Knowing how to step aside is a very rare quality, as well as the ability to moderate a balanced group, creating a friendly atmosphere that properly favors the learning process. For quality / price ratio: to regularly bring home a paycheck these days is a great privilege. The concept of excellence, from my point of view, passes also through a fair price. For all these things, and for the love of the Tarot shared with the other students and the teacher, I am a student of this Academy."

Giovanni, Venice.

"A path of knowledge of true profundity, able to unveil an authentic knowledge of the Tarot. The lessons, conducted always with professionalism and courtesy, offer not only the possibility to approach a wise and holy instrument, but also cultural enrichment and stimulation to an attentive soul-searching."

Barbara, Rome

"I came to the Academy of the Tarot "by chance" and to be honest, a bit hesitant and skeptical. I consoled myself with the thought that at most I would learn some strange esoteric symbols. As for reading the cards, we would see. Yet after only six months and the Academy courses, I never leave home without a deck of cards. And even if I have not attended dozens of courses over the world, or read tons of books on the subject, when I met Carlo and Sara I realized immediately that there was no need to look elsewhere. One knows when life has led him to a pure Source. How? He feels, all at once, satisfied, happy and deeply grateful. As if the ocean were trying to enter a drinking glass… And you want to laugh..to cry... Frankly, for me there is no better place to learn the great message of the Tarot, even though you may think that there is.. to listen to its advice, even if you think you do not need it..to let yourself be embraced by Its Love, even if you imagine that cards cannot be so powerful a vehicle..to be guided by its wisdom even if you cannot imagine its boundlessness..."

Davide, Pisa

"After the first Tarot reading with Carlo, I had the feeling that someone had opened a window and clean air had entered. And so I began to attend courses and I embarked on this extraordinary journey that increases my awareness day by day and supports me energetically in my daily life. I recommend it to all those who search..."

Elena, Bergamo

"My meeting with the Tarot was magical. I was in great difficulty in making a decision and did not know what to do; and one day I met Carlo for an event and asked him to read the Tarot cards for me. From that moment, I felt my life inundated with incredibly beneficial energy that, in addition to helping me, could help others. That is how I began the wonderful path of study of the Tarot which, besides aiding me in my spiritual progress, allows me to respond to my soul's deepest desire, to be of help to others using this instrument. I advise everyone, even the most skeptical, to follow these courses, the scientific connotation of which renders the teachings impeccable and distinguished by extraordinary logic and objectivity."

Barbara, Bergamo

"I want to give my testimony on the Tarology courses of Carlo Bozzelli. I discovered great professionalism, experience, and reliability, an unsullied honesty reminiscent of values of the past. All owing to Carlo and to his companion and colleague, Sara. One learns an actual method for understanding the reading of the Tarot, which reads, explains, and synthesizes each question, large or small, about all facets of our lives. Carlo has this knowledge and teaches it, keep nothing back. His goal is that you understand as much as possible. All this is done with great humility. Actually this is or can be, according to how each of us perceives it, a spiritual and esoteric path, perhaps the most complete and esoteric that I know. The atmosphere of the courses is calm, and there is ample space for dialogue. At the end of the courses, which cost a very honest fee, one possesses an incredible tool for understanding oneself and others, if one desires, and especially, to receive specific answers to one's questions and problems. Carlo gives assistance that goes beyond the courses, because of his great natural talent as teacher. I thank him again for what he taught me and for the help that he and Sara continue to give me."

Teresa, Parma.

"There is always casualty, to make time more precious." I happened to write this sentence in a book I gave my wife. In fact, on an anniversary, I wanted to give her a present, but did not know what sort. At the time, I was in Rome and during an evening stroll, I saw the window of an antique shop: on a precious inlaid table was a book of recipes in English. My wife at that time was frequenting a cooking class and trying to practice her English (perhaps to look good to her relatives in London). I did not know then that "coincidence" is a phenomenon of synchronicity, as I discovered much later, thanks to the Tarot. I think the meeting with the Tarot should be attributed to the same phenomenon. I had, in fact, participated in several new "investigations" in order to satisfy my desire to "grow", to fulfill that man in a way that my work could not. Much reading upon the reawakening of the spirit, Eastern philosophy, Sufism, magic. After a couple of birthdays, when old friends did not know what to give me any more, I found a book of Jodorowsky in my hands. Seeing all his films (I had found some with his comment), was like taking a medicine; reading his eccentric stories, a pleasant pastime; discovering the Marseille Tarot put me on a journey that would change my life, and not just mine. I came to the first course, on the Minor Arcana, with all the prejudices of the ignorant. I reached, however, the two-day milestone, feeling as I had crossing the finish line of my first marathon: tired, but amazed to have found a path that would have bolstered, in this case, not the body, but the spirit. Thanks to the educational path laid out by Carlo, I found a metaphysical machine that synthesizes the interests that I have cultivated for some time, especially with the possibility of realizing the "treasure": my growth to be useful to others! I think is the best plant I have cultivated so far, as I gave up the experience of fatherhood, which I feel is similar to what I'm living now. Fortunately I have great imperfections to work on ("because if you want to be perfect, perhaps you want to die" Carlo tells us in his program), but the huge discovery the one may to work and live in everyday life and yet balance the four levels of energy I owe to the Tarot. After having explored, self-taught, the jungle of energy knowledge, the school of the Tarot took me by the hand, showing me a clear and organized path. I think this is why I will always honor the “causality."

Aurilio, Piacenza.

"My passion for the Tarot led me to follow various formative paths and to undertake diverse journey. At first, naively, I thought that one Tarot deck was worth another and thus, by chance, I began using the Waite Tarot. I attended some seminars, I used them, I even gained some satisfaction; but over time I realized there was something incomplete in their structure, and that much was based on the intuitive abilities of the fortuneteller. And so my search for something more refined and magical caused my approach to the Marseilles Tarot and to Carlo Bozzelli. I felt immediately that a new important road was opening. It was not an easy road, I must admit; the concepts were many, the variables even more. This fascinating universe, full of mystery, seemed a difficult conquest. Carlo, however, with his professionalism, simplicity, and kindness, took us by the hand, step by step, and now less than a year after the first seminar I use the Marseille Tarot with joy and almost with ease. But the best thing about this spiritual path, is the change the cards make in our lives. The Tarot allows us to embark on a wonderful journey in search of ourselves and of love for others." Angela, Pistoia

"I would suggest to those viewing this site and who feel guilty for having clicked on a site of old and unhealthy, low-born superstition, to consider himself lucky to be here and to be kissed by a particular fortune, to have, at this point, the opportunity to participate in one of these fantastic courses that, at the age of 50, will awaken the slumbering mind no longer trained in mind-fitness--and perhaps, in the most serious cases, unable to understand many things sleeping inside us, thanks also to these wonderful meetings between special people (who still want to know and learn, to better understand themselves in order to then help others). If this inspires you, my sincere advice is to begin to attend Carlo Bozzelli's courses and abandon yourself completely to him as to a relaxing and beneficial massage..only to your mind, not your body, a part neglected by many as we always think first of the outer, physical, part, while that which saves us and makes our life worthwhile is the more noble part…come and visit us, see which part that is..."

Massimo Musiani, Bologna

"My vote..5 stars! If you are attracted to the Tarot, this course/path to interpretation of the symbols contained in the Arcana is so powerful that you will abandon all other decks…The price? If I think of the money spent on other courses on the Tarot..there is no comparison, this course is worth it all!" Yours faithfully,

Gabriele, Bologna

"For all those having a thirst for knowledge, an initial study of tarology is indicated. With adequate teaching, the level of knowledge regarding this subject (we are speaking of a science) grows steadily, and finally we comprehend how all this may be of considerable help in raising our level of self-knowledge and evolution. The Tarot is a book of figures; it is remarkably interesting and eductive to view the Arcana icons, comparing similarities and differences. We arrive finally at an understanding of the incredible vastness of the subject and observe the manner in which research and learning may stimulate infinite projections."

Bruno, Lucca

"Nothing happens by chance. I came to this school guided by fate and instinct, raised on bread and Tarot by a mother who had always used these cards but, having learned them as a child, she could not teach them. I did not even know there was a Tarot school in Italy; thus, lacking instruction, I slipped self-taught among many books, finally coming upon Jodorowsky's "The Way of the Tarot", and finding it wonderful. Life, unpredictable as always, took away my mother too early, and some months after her death, I was still looking for an anchor for my mind. With time and with the study of the Tarot, I gradually came to understand the Arcanum 13. Nothing happens by chance--and I received an email from the school informing me that the first course on the Major Arcana would begin in Bologna; and I telephoned..and my presence was the one which made the difference in the quorum of participants, allowing the course to begin. The experience of the first day is still imprinted in me, as if it were today, although two years have passed. Now, as then, with each new course I feel the same enthusiasm. Nothing happens by chance, and when I was searching for a "Path" the Tarot cards appeared, subconsciously always known; they were there, ready to be revealed. The time was right. I was impressed by Professor Bozzelli from the first phone call, his voice went from my ears to my gut, and his words opened a gateway to my heart, saying "trust". I immediately liked Carlo's teaching and over time I learned to appreciate its crescendo of terminology and syntax. Using basic words he taught me the images of the Arcana, explaining their structure and meaning, just as a teacher teaches a child to form the letters of a new alphabet, letters becoming words, then sentences, finally grammar and discourse; ever ready to fully and freely reveal his esoteric, religious and humanistic knowledge to answer our questions. This uncommon aspect, I think, makes him truly unique in teaching a subject which might easily become too technical. Thanks to him I have realized that the study of the Tarot is a way of life, a cyclicity of the human soul, a mute book that speaks through images, a sacred instrument we can learn to play, learning to "see" a music that appears spontaneously, resonating with the music inside others… The Tarot is the council, the School, the medium that helps me to decipher it, to expand my vision, knowledge, and insight in order to share this knowledge, becoming, myself as well, a voice through which the Tarot may express itself. I can only say THANK YOU to the Tarot, the accuracy of the method, the professionalism and the constant attention of Carlo and his wonderful assistant Sara; thank you for having supported and guided me till now (and in the future) on this Path which I feel as mine and which I hope will become a path of growth for many."

Isabelle, Bologna

"When I began the Tarot courses, I was very surprised at the teaching method of the academy. It was precisely this approach which gave me the confidence to study the Tarot as an instrument. It is difficult to explain how over time, through personal readings and consultations for others, you learn how to enter this new and surprising sort of perspective, in which knowledge of the future simply ceases to be of interest because, more and more, you acquire a splendid awareness that (the future) does not really exist, but that we construct it, in this unique real time, the eternal present."

Irene, Pietrasanta

"I attended, and continue to attend, the courses and seminars of the Academy of Tarot for the following reasons: - The serene environment that the professor and his assistant are able to create; - The method used in the study and interpretation of the Tarot; - The rigor and preparation on the issues confronted; - The clarity of explanation, that facilitates learning."

Francesco Sobberi, Padua

"Up until two years ago, my relationship with tarot cards could be described in two words: ignorance and skepticism. I had to do take the first step of my journey alone: to understand that these two false friends cannot travel together. Never. The greatest obstacle for those beginning a journey is always the same: to realize that the journey is necessary. That you cannot stay in the same place forever; sooner or later, you fall into the hands of the two false friends (who are very patient, and await always…). We must move. We can do this even by ourselves, but in company is better. We may not proceed any faster, but we go with the certainty of not taking a wrong direction. For this we must choose a good traveling companion, possibly one who knows the path we must take, and can lead us. My meeting with Carlo and with the Academy was basically this: the choice of a travel companion. A travel companion recommended by other friends already on their way, and for this reason embraced with joy and confidence. When I was still in the company of my two false friends, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who described to me a tarological teaching using terms such as "scientific rigor", "rationality" or even "mathematics". Today, after just a year on this path, although I still have a long way to go, at least I can at least say, to those not yet upon the path, do not laugh! The precision and the absolute objectivity of this instrument called Tarot, can be likened to the Pythagorean theorems..and we may hardly question the existence of the hypotenuse! (We may discover that geometry is not for us, but that is another story...). Unfortunately, with respect to the Tarot, centuries of distorted information resulting in prejudice and distrust cannot be canceled all at once, at least not..by standing still! You must walk on the path of knowledge and, only later, judge. I wish that all future walkers may find as faithful, humble and sincere a traveling companion as I did, and who knows, one day we may all meet upon the way! Have a good journey!"

Paolo, Lucca

I found the seminars of Carlo by chance (or perhaps chance has nothing to do with it...I was simply conducted)…For some years I had been looking on the internet for a course o Tarot reading because I wanted to approach this wonderful world that has always intrigued and fascinated me, accompanied however by someone with experience, who could introduce me to true tarology. Despite stubborn and repeated searching, I never found anything..at least nothing similar to what I was looking for. This because, as I realized later, there was nothing really suitable for me (not because there had been no course materials). Meeting Carlo and Sara (his beautiful companion and assistant) opened a new world for me. A world of knowledge, research, answers. I began a journey I would term exciting that, meeting after meeting, gave me a new enthusiasm… I entered a world that many, observing it from outside, think to be between sham and danger... But that of sham and danger, has nothing. I can be sum up all this in these words: Carlo with his teachings does not impose, but only shares, his knowledge. He teaches what he has already learned, even while he extends his knowledge...With him, I learned so many things..and I have yet to learn so many more..*thirsty for news*… Every time I finish a course..I cannot wait to start the next. And last, but not for this, least important, in the courses I have met many truly extraordinary people. Life stories of women which have intersected with mine and left something really important. Everyone, in a small way, has left me something really great. And all this..thanks to the Academy of the Tarot, to Carlo and Sara. I thank you, I really, really--thank you."

Valeria, Sondrio

"I signed up for the Tarot course because I knew nothing about it, not even the meaning of the name, mostly out of curiosity!!!! Following the path of knowledge, I have discovered first, great interior help; and later, help for others ... this is the real meaning of life. Thanks to you, Carlo, I love you."

Anna, Brescia

"My name is Sara and with this comment I would like to recount the story of my experience with the Tarot. It all began a bit for fun, a bit out of curiosity; I have always been attracted, since childhood, by these strange "cards", some a bit disquieting, some reassuring, but I never had the courage to study them because, unfortunately, there are too many people who speculate on the troubles of others in order to take advantage of them. One afternoon, surfing the internet, I accidentally opened the site of the school..actually, I was looking for something else and was surprised to learn there is a school which teaches the language of the Tarot! And as I do not believe in coincidence I phoned immediately! Carlo replied, and with his habitual great patience, he explained how the courses were held and took away all my doubts. I signed up and began my journey into the world of Tarot cards! I consider myself very lucky to have met Carlo because he taught me that the Tarot are not just printed cards but have a story, a soul, in some way are alive, should be respected for the great possibilities they give us when they "speak"! They have become my best friends; they advise and help me. But the best thing is, that I have finally found a way to help others. It is magic, a beautiful magic. When I finish doing a consultation, I know I have done something important, in great earnest…I am merely a medium with a voice, because the cards, if you get to know them, are that which delivers the message."

Sara, Turin

"My encounter with the Marseille Tarot, through the masterful mediation of Carlo, was a fantastic experience, perfectly situated on the path of my spiritual journey. It all began thanks to coincidence, later proven to be pure sincronicity, and I am extremely glad I "took a chance" on an opportunity I saw before me. Carlo has also, thanks to his example, been instrumental in creating the group which meets almost always fully booked at every new course, in the desire to work together, to come together on other occasions, to help..precisely aligned with the concept of All in One and One in All, which I found even in the Arcana. I am deeply grateful for this gift of life."

Laura, Bologna